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Giant Dogs or Little Tiny Dogs?
Quiz: What High School Stereotype Were You?
Which non-flying animal do you wish could fly?
QUIZ: 95% Of Adults Can't Pass This Basic 2nd Grade Test. Can You?
Ever have any <em>unhappy</em> events on your birthday?

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"Semper Fidelis"  wanna see what looks like?
Jay and Silent Bob are awesome.

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Thou shalt love thy neighbor's (fill in the blank) if you only had the chance.
No meat on Friday   When Ole quit farming, he discovered that he was the only Lutheran in his new little town of Catholics. That was okay, but the neighbors had a problem with his barbequing beef every Friday. Since they couldn't eat meat on Friday, the tempting aroma was getting the best of them. Hoping they could do something to stop this, the neighbors got together and went over to talk to Ole. "Ole," they said, "since you are the only Lutheran in this whole town and there's not a Lutheran church for many miles, we think you should join our church and become a Catholic." Ole thought about it for a minute and decided they were probably right. Ole talked to the priest, and they arranged it.  The big day came and the priest had Ole kneel. He put his hand on Ole's head and said, "Ole, you were born a Lutheran, you were raised a Lutheran, and now," he said as he sprinkled some incense over Ole's head, "now you are a Catholic!"   Ole was happy and the neighbors were happy. But the following Friday evening at suppertime, there was again the aroma of grilled beef coming from Ole's yard. The neighbors went to talk to him about this and as they approached the fence, they heard Ole saying to the steak: "You were born a beef, you were raised a beef", and as he sprinkled salt over the meat he said, "and NOW you are a FISH!"
Who is or was the best conniving, sneaky, low-life character in the movies?
Good People Banding Together To Save Animals During Hurricane Harvey. MANY blessings to all those that are helping to save the animals.
If 'the pen is mightier than the sword', what is mightier than the pen?
🎵 There may be hope for the music world after-all....or maybe not. <em>amirite?</em> 🎵
<b><em>You</em> might be ready for today's battles...but is your aura?</b>
Thinking too much causes your brain to overload eventually.

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Post a song that has wildlife in its title
<b>In order to make money...you need to go to school.</b>

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What would cause you to immediately grab hand sanitizer?

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