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Want To Get High?
REAL LIFE -  I hate people that don't follow through with actions, forget intent, it's not an action, it's an excuse. Say what you'll do, or don't say it at all .... How do you feel about It?
What do you feel is the most dangerous invasive  species in the world?
Shocking Pictures
What's your weirdest food craving?
Love is ACTION. Everything else is just words. What are your thoughts?
Earlier at the store, I heard some guy bragging about his fancy hotel sweet...I hate to burst his bubble but those are just plain cheap mints they put on the pillows🙄

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Just wanted to say 'good work' to our president for protecting me from that imaginary hoard of imaginary Guatemalans who wanted to take my job, collect welfare and rape my family, while enjoying the lower taxes and super low healthcare premiums.  Well done sir!

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Why did we bomb Dresden during WW2?
Have you ever had a friend that you would cross oceans for, but would complain about jumping a puddle for you?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
How much do you consider life span while choosing a pet?
Good Doctoring?
If you were a millionaire what would you shop for-just for fun?
What is your concept of "exercise?"

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What's your favorite "so-bad-it's-good" movie?
What did you expect to grow up and out of, but never have?
Mistrust is a healthy attitude when dealing with anything government.

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