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Amirite site post.....I'm thinking some of us on here need to reassess the Downvote because on other sites it's deemed as perfectly acceptable but on here it's not for obvious reasons to those of us who have been members here a couple of years +
Optimist - the glass is half full, Pessimist - the glass is half empty. What other such examples can you give about this?
I wonder how it feels to an Actor when their starring role has been remade by another and that Actor makes a Fantastic lasting impression?  Tell me your thoughts on this and name other Actors you can think of from every Decade whose starring role faded away in the shadow of another.
Amirite turns 8 years old today! We should all wish this place a happy birthday, <strong>amirite?</strong>
Jeanne Moreau, icon of French cinema, has died at age 89
Sam Shepard passes away.
80's movie quote quiz.
Depressed Client - - - - - -    The barber's client looked depressed, so the barber told him, "Cheer up. I knew a guy who owed $5,000 he couldn't pay. He drove his vehicle to the edge of a cliff, where he sat for over an hour. A group of concerned citizens heard about his problem and passed a hat around. Relieved, the man pulled back from the cliff's edge."   "Incredible," said the client. "Who were these kind people?"   "Hmm, not sure, but I believe they were the passengers on the bus he was driving."
Text Driving Story: Yesterday I was walking to a meeting downtown. I stop at the red light, waiting to cross. I saw this lady crossing the street on the other side, she had the right of way. This guy pulls up and on his phone texting (I was pissed to see that) never looked and proceeded to turn before this guy next to me yield HEY!!!. The idiot text driver stopped just on time, missing the lady by inches. She was little frazzled. The guy next to me who yield HEY!!! Crossed the street banged on the window, the idiot text driver rolled his window down, then the BIG GUY who yield Hey!!, ripped his phone out of his hand a and threw it in the back seat and started screaming at the guy. The idiot drove away as fast as he could, scared shitless. After speaking with the BIG GUY who yield Hey!!!, I found out he lost his girlfriend to a text driver. I shook the guy’s hand and said I was sorry to hear that ….. Please DO NOT TEXT and drive … EVER.
<b>Please post a sentence with the word "underwear" in it.</b>
Post a song that could be used as a tourist outreach for a country, state, city, amusement park, etc.
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Subject:  Nearly Became A Doctor<del>-</del><del>-</del>----    When I was young I decided I wanted to be a doctor, so I took the entrance exam to  go to Medical School.     One of the questions asked was to rearrange the letters *PNEIS* into the name of  an important human body part which is most useful when erect.     Those who answered spine are doctors today. The rest of us are sending Jokes via  email.
A Teachable Moment? -  Hero homeowner holds escaped Georgia inmates at gunpoint until arrests
Post a song that's outside your own era by at least one generation.
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