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🦊 Circumstance is only one part of the equation and only has as much power as you give it. Amirite? 🦊
Speaking of your own demise, have you ever thought about a playlist for your wake/Shiva?
😈 I don't need revenge. You are everything you hate, and that is its own revenge. Amirite? 😈
<b>There are moments I hate myself and moments I adore myself...</b> <em>What about you? The above comment could have been said by <del>Ada</del> Ava.</em>
✌️ Most happy people are nice. Most nice people are happy. If you're not happy, try being nicer. Worth a shot. Amirite? ✌️
<b>Are you more of a state patriot rather than a country patriot?</b>
🦋 My local store has been selling me defective lottery tickets for the longest time. I've had it. This time I'm taking them back if I don't win. Amirite? 🦋
🎃 Beware of friends who disappear when you need them the most and people who say “human flesh tastes like chicken." Amirite? 🎃
💩  Orange in the 60s, mus in the 70s, poon in the 80s, wu in the 90s - the history of tang. Amirite?  💩
🐪 Do you want to "ask" me or "axe" Me a question? Because seriously, one is murder. Amirite? 🐪
<b>If you weren't here...would you be missed?</b>
🍄 I just caught myself saying 'Back in my day' so I guess the circle of life is complete. Amirite? 🍄
💊 This isn't an addiction. I'm here for medicinal purposes only. Amirite? 💊
⚠️ Your life is a direct result of your choices. Don't like your life? Don't make such **** choices. Amirite? ⚠️
🐙 I guess the best part of having kids is you have another excuse to buy cereal. Amirite?  🐙
Having a Million Dollars makes you rich.
<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/3BLbbJaybOI?modestbranding=1&wmode=opaque&autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
💈 Apparently moaning during a massage is 'uncomfortable' and not a compliment. Amirite? 💈
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