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About me.
~Im a JerseyGirl

~I love Hunger Games (you've noticed from my username... If not you have issues)

~I love Finnick Odair <3

~I talk about fictional characters as if they are real

~Andrew Garfield is my latest celeb crush :-D

~I love to read

`I love My Little Pony (Im a pegasister!)

~Im VERY random at times

~My friends think I have issues (but I dont, and dont care)

~I like tacos

~I love sushi


~I love to go boating

~I love to go fishing

~I laugh at random times

~I love camping

~ Im very strange

~Im trying to come up with random facts about me to fill my profile page

~I love roller coasters and thrill rides... (Ive never EVER been scared of one)...

~I like Ice-cream

~I wear glasses. They are annoying. I need prescription sunglasses

~I am an awesome nerd

~Im running out of things to put on my profile page

~I like kittens

~I like puppies

~I like baby rhinos

~I watch Joey Graceffa's vlogs

~I like winter

~I like skiing

~I ran out of things to put on my profile page

~So thats pretty much it!


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Oooh! Okay. I didn't know that! I like that! I might just start saying that. Haha. Well, ttfn! :)

Ttfn? Oh, i'm sorry. That can't be fun. I miss my grandma. It's been awhile since I've been to say with her. I'm going to hopefully next week! :) Okay, it's all good. Don't worry about it. Just whenever you can is fine with me! :)

Lol. I feel like all horses are out to get me! So, are you enjoying your day, muffin face? :D

Oh. That's awesome. I'm actually kind of scared of horses... Lol. That's so funny. So, she is a hunger games fan also? That's awesome!

Heyy! It's all good. Don't worry about it. You can just message me when you get time. :) A riding lesson? What's that? Like with horses?

Yeah! You're right! Bye! Ttyl! :)

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