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About me.
( ಠヮಠ) Hey, like, Russia, let's have some fun~
( ^J^) What's that?
( ಠヮಠ) It's like... it's kinda... sorta like.. uh... what is fun? Here, let me spell it for you!
( ಠヮಠ) F is for France, naked as usual.
( ಠヮಠ) U is for under aged drinking!
( ಠヮಠ) N is for noodles, also known as PASTAAA!
( ∂ ω ∂ ) Down here in Hetalia!
( ^J^) F is for fire that will be set on Latvia!
( ^J^) U is for Ukraine... boing!
( ^J^) N is for no more vodka, because I-
( ಠヮಠ) Russia! That's not what fun is all about! Here, do it like this! F is for France, na-
( ^J^) That's completely idiotic!
( ಠヮಠ) Here, let me help you! F is for France, naked as usual, U is for under aged drinking! Try it!
( ^J^) N is for noodles, also known as PASTAAA!
( ∂ ω ∂ ) Down here in Hetalia!!
( ^J^) Wait... I don't understand. I feel all tingly inside. Should we stop?
( ಠヮಠ) No! That's how you're supposed to feel!
( ^J^) Well I like it! Let's do it again!
( ಠヮಠ) Ok!
( ಠヮಠ) ( ^J^) F is for fabulous, just like our clothing! U is USUK! N is for no war, only yummy pasta!
( ∂ ω ∂ ) Down here in Hetalia!

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