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About me.
2 years I've been on this site. Well actually I joined over two years ago but wasn't on amirite for a very long time but still. I'm an old timer

iamthewalrus's Top 3


It was hydrogen refueling stations. We did pretty well on it

Definitely a policy maker. I hate kritics but can debate one fairly well (although I never run them). Speed is average I guess...I'm not one of those people that does the weird breathing thing because I'm talking so fast, but I can get through 7+ DA or CP shells in a speech

competitively in high school

You're welcome. He's like a failed dictator at this point.

hey, I wanted to reply to your comment on POTD, but I feared getting banned because of what I was going to say. So I tried do it anonymously while not being logged in, and that feature has been removed because of new admin. I feel that messaging you is the safest option.
You said(paraphrasing from memory): "What is this refering to?"
I wanted to say that it could be about the new admins' methods of controlling us have failed. The chances of them being accepted by us is already dead.

Ahhh. Too bad. It's the first amirite post I've ever tumbled.

I'm still laughing at that post. Out loud. You just made my day.

The mosquitoes were worse than the moon was bright. So I'm done. So for spice. I think this is one of my favourite stories simply because it happened every time I listened to this song. 1st thing you need to know is how perfect Dubstep is for spice. Dubstep typically has a 45second to 1min build. This give you just enough time to get comfortable, accept the high, and then "set the tone" for the high.
Listen before you read on. The story will make much more sense. You only have to listen to the first two minutes.

You may want to listen again as you read.

The song starts. I instantly accept the high and fall back through Spacetime. Now my body is just floating freely in this nothingness and I'm radiating these peaceful high notes from every direction. The drum beat is starting to soften me up and contort my shape. Then the bass kicks in: Boom Boom Boom Boom BoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoom. It completely compresses me down to a singularity. I'm one dimensional. Then that snare hits and stretches me out in a perfect line all the way across infinity. 2 dimensional. Then as soon as the first wobble hit it felt like god himself flick this line that was me and I began to bounce p and down to the exact wave of the song. Then the wobbles stop momentarily. As soon as they start back up my mind gets thrown out of the universe but my body stayed. So I would witness my body still bouncing to the song from a distance. Then the next song would come on.

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