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About me.
Err... Too lazy to fill this out completely but I don't want to leave it boring and blank so I decided to type this sentence. Oh, look, now I made it two sentences...

Just to clarify it, my username was not meant to sound like me saying I'm watching Selena pee! Lol... I thought of it a few years ago (around 2009) but, I didn't realize it sounded like that until a long time later. I used to think it was so clever. SMH.

Anyways, this is what it actually means:
It's supposed to be a clash of three words...
*Icee* - my nickname that I got since my names are initialed I.C.
*Selena* - chosen because, at the time, I was pretty obsessed with the Selenas (Gomez & Quintanilla)
*Wiz* - as in wizards, since I liked the idea of magic

Oh, also: feel free to message me. I like talking to new people! You took your time clicking my username, might as well get messaging(:

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Okay, summary of profile: I too am a girl who travels a lot who adores amirite, I'm British, I have obsessions with Harry Potter, CSI Las Vegas and music in general, particularly Pink Floyd, and I'm currently in a long distance relationship.

That's basically all the interesting things. >.> Where's your favourite place you've travelled?

Ha-Ha, i just have to read 10 pages of The Pearl by John Steinbeck. nbd haha

I'm good, thanks. :) So, tell me something about yourself. Your profile doesn't really give a lot away.

just chilllllllin

hahaha suuure

Hi, nice to meet you. How are you? :)

Oh wow you are a bio reading genius -_-

worth a shot lol


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