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About me.
My name is Heather, a name usually reserved for 30 year old blond women.
I text in complete sentences.
I'm a nerdfighter. DFTBA.
My favorite subject is Latin, *pushes up glasses and snorts*
I love photography, but not in a stereotypical teenage way.
I am extremely lazy, but I guess being an American will do that to you.
Have been playing the clarinet for 4 years now.
I decided to play the clarinet because of Squidward.
I've read all of John Green's books, Paper Towns The Fault in Our Stars being my favorite.
I love charlieissocoollike, nerimon, littleradge, and people from the UK in general.
I live in Pete Wentz's hometown, and couldn't care less about Pete Wentz.
I have blue eyes, just like Hitler, Elvis, Abraham Lincoln, and Spongebob.
I'm currently scouring the Internet for a replica of the sweater Neville wore in DH2. If you find one, link me to it and I will LOVE YOU FOREVER.
I am rather tall for my age.
I'm sort of drifting away from amirite so don't be sad if I don't reply or whatever.
I'm a Whovian, but stupid BBC America barely ever plays Doctor Who.
I'm a Ravenclaw, but I doubt you actually care.
One day I'm going to knit myself a Weasley sweater.
I'm trying to bring back the word "groovy" because Liam Dryden told me to:
And I'm also trying to bring back the word "crud" because of my friend Nancy :D i have a pottermore account but pottermore's become a dissapointment: RainPhoenix194
My one anon post:
I think this is a good length for a list.
Oh yeah, and i sort of have a tumblr.
so yeah, that's it.

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When I read your bio, I thought it said "I love pornography" instead of "I love photography".

Just thought you'd wanna know.

*points wand at computer screen* REPARO!... REPARO! REPARO! WORK YOU STUPID BLOODY THING!

They should make some sort of personalized wand shop. And I own a pen that resembles Voldy's wand! >:-D

No wait, I remembered it! Dogwood with Phoenix Feather Core, ten and three-quarter inches, UNYIELDING!!!

Do it. I should be Tonks for halloween, since she was a Hufflepuff! I forgot what my wand is, since I was so eager to get sorted... and now the site's crashed. But oh well!
I was going to buy these:
But now I want to buy these:

OMG I AM GOOD AT FINDING THINGS!!! And I love AVPM!! This is the happiest day of my life!! AND I just accepted your friend request... Time to start ordering some Hufflepuff merch!

congrats, not contest -_-

And contests on getting sorted into Ravenclaw! Add me on pottermore! I'm NettleSilver190

Guess what... I'm a Hufflepuff! Wow, I always thought I was s Ravenclaw, but I guess not! After reading the description Rowling gave of Hufflepuffs though, I've realized that I fit perfectly into this house! And I'm damn proud of it! Of course, boasting about it would be very unhufflepuff-like of me... But my new spirit animal is officially a Honey Badger!


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