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jacque95655's Top 3


haha... its funny how people try to fight on the internet and they think it matters. 1. its the fucking internet. 2. its the fucking internet. and 3... ITS THE FUCKING INTERNET.
heh i actually wrote a comedy bit on how lame it is to be an internet troll

haha whatever he is, he's really fucking annoying :P

You do care, he got to you. Do you see how angry you are at him?

fuckoffbitch3 is right.

haha he sounds like an ****. i bet he thinks that christians don't curse either...

haha who the hell is this jerk sending you these messages?

Just because you say you're something a thousand times doesn't make it true. You're not a Christian, you're some other form of made up religion based on what you like and don't like and it's not the true concept of Christianity. And actually if you're going to talk about other people in generalizations you SHOULD know what they are like...otherwise you can't generalize them can you? You just keep on showing how stupid you really are.

Medicine doesn't help our world? You are just laughable now. Better throw out that Advil and Tylenol and I hope you never get into an accident, because holy shit will that IV drip not help you.

Notice how I said stomach...oral ** doesn't take away your virginity, as some idiotic parents like to say to scare their kids. So you can still be a virgin even when you're sucking **, which I'm sure you do on a daily basis.
But then again, you probably know as much about anatomy as you do about Christianity so why would I expect you to know something like that?

Now I've stated before why I like to continue playing this game, but you haven' either I'm offending you and you see some sort of goal in proving your point (which you're failing at if that is what you're trying to do) or you're just a retard. I'm going to go with both though, you're an offended retard trying to make it seem like you're not but yet you still keep on talking and talking and talking....that is what the average person calls a failure.

Really? Christians don't like atheists, I wonder where you get this garbage from, you sound super smart when you say shit like that. Oh but you're not a Christian so I guess you wouldn't know what the fuck they like to begin with.

And I'd know it was you, I would be able to sense the stupidity straight away. And because you obviously don't know how the world works, you can become an RN straight away with an Associate of Science degree. And as I've stated I'm currently working on my bachelors so I can make more money doing what I'm already doing.

And the only place that has semen in it is your fucking stomach.

Lots of atheists read the bible. Why would you dismiss something without researching it first? Shows how much you fucking know...can't wait until you realize you're really failing HS.

And why would I tell you where I work at? It's not like it came up to say the exact place I work at. And anyway I work at a hospital, and I hope you never come in with an injury because I may just give you the wrong fucking dose. It's funny how people never realize what people are really like in places like that...most of the nurses and doctors just rag on the patients all the time. If only it wasn't illegal to kill the ones that are sometimes if you're lucky you don't get caught. But I'd pray to your "God" you never wind up in the one I work at.

And it seems pretty obvious why I'm keeping this going, all you have to do is read my profile. I'm just an ****, it's how I roll (=

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