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Can you name the guitar players pictured?
I'm sure we have some Navy veterans or at least Navy relatives out there.  See how you do on the quiz if you like.
THE REAL REASON APPLE, FACEBOOK, SPOTIFY & YOUTUBE BANNED INFOWARS - This is what election meddling looks like

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57% agree
43% disagree
What are your favorite songs from the 90's?
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Do you know someone that blabs all the time, with nothing to say?   lol
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When was your last massage, what kind and did you enjoy it?
Do you bite your nails?
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Bald Musicians: Who are your favorites and what are your favorite songs they play?
Who's your favorite badass female villain?
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Do you know people that live to just <b>*</b>* things up for others? No matter where they go, they love to bring drama and hate. Always gossiping, lying and don't know when to STFU!
Amirite has a few drummers on this site, Jerry, John and well ... I play but only for fun...Post your best drums solo's. <b>The Rev</b>
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