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About me.
Hi, I'm Kisa (Elena). I like zombie movies, long road trips to the beach and staying up late.

I'm more often late than not.

I don't like blue toothpaste :(

Canada, Eh?

Velociraptor = awesome.

I love The Lonely Island :) and Dev and The Cataracs and Far East Movement. Basically any party songs. Also Adele

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Thank you!


Usually the free ones are in the summer for different events. Ex: Marianas Trench was at the EX in Aug. We only paid admission to the venue, not for the concert. I know organizations like Free The Children have benefit concerts that are usually outdoor and free. Google it and see what you come up with. Sometimes radio stations give away tickets, so listen too!

Aw.. Well there's other concerts! Just keep your eyes open for them. My favourite are the cheap/free ones :)

Ah yes, the smarty math. IB?
Yes, babies and weddings! And lots of other things! My uncle was a photographer, now he's an electrician. I want to be a photographer and my brother wants to be an electrician, so my uncle said "pfft, why don't you just cut me in half and I'll teach you what you need to know."
How are those concert tickets looking?

Omigod I hate math with a passion.
I took applied this year after getting a 57 in academic last year. Now, I'm getting a 96. Science I'm not crazy about, but i'm not terrible.
I have indeed thought about university. I've decided, since I want to be a photographer, I'm going to go to Ryerson for photography. What about you?

Good luck!
I dislike math. Bah. No fun!

Haha is it strawberry yogurt?

Well stop eating the cup and eat the yogurt (hehe)

Sure? Hmm i sense some uncertainty.
Yeah :)
Thats not cool, math is wack!
Yeah unfortunately...i blame myself and the teacher for not assigning homework or anything else just tests...but i guess thats college eh

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