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About me.
My name is Cody Allen. I'm a true follower of Christ. I love talking about the bible, and I've read the whole thing for myself, so if you have any questions about it or want to discuss something in it, I would love to talk. If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask also. I'm into playing music (guitar, drums, and ukulele) and media production. I am really a bad writer, so I'll finish this off now...


Definitely a long time. I've missed you. haha hope that doesn't sound creepy.

Well, that's good to hear. :D
my spring break is this week, and since it's started, it hasn't been that great.. however, I did get to see a friend that I love but don't get to see much. and I hope to see her again within the next few days.

Haha, I do too. I hate when I go "oh, they haven't texted me back have they?" so I check my phone and realize I didn't even send my response.. ha, whoops!
But, perhaps we'd be able to talk more often if we texted? haha, just an idea. :)

Haha oops, I meant to post that last night.. just noticed I didn't post it and did. Oh well. My monday was pretty good though.

It's totally fine! I understand how that is. I just had a pretty busy weekend, it'll be nice to relax tomorrow. Monday though, yuck.

Spring break! Sweet. What are you going to do over break? I feel like I know this, but I can't remember..

Aww I'm sorry. Hope you're feeling better!
I haven't done much recently, so I haven't enjoyed nor hated the weather, really..

That's crazy! That would be even harder, since Minnesota gets about twice or three times more than we do in Illinois...
Thank goodness my driveway goes down from my garage. Does that make sense? I hope it does. I don't know how else to explain it, haha.

Oh my! Your poor camera.. Maybe next time you'll have to use duct tape. ;)

It finally warmed up here today, too! I mean, this week has been semi warm considering the weather we've had! but it was 55 today and I didn't even get to experience the loveliness!! And the snow is almost gone. :) but, we're supposed to get more next week. :(

You're telling me! I have a picture of what I went outside to when I had to shovel. You'd be amazed...
That sounds like fun though. :P I hate the cold.. I'm soo excited for spring to come.. So close but so far..

Haha! It's okay. I've been kind of blah lately, too.

Wait.. What?

It's okay! I understand how that is.

That's so intense! But definitely good you got to finish that before it broke.. :P I'm sorry though!

Really? How interesting! I know some parts of Texas got snow, though.
Wow, that's warm weather for me! Haha
OH MY GOSH. Yes!! You really have no idea.. we got a BLIZZARD, with about 20 inches of snow, and WIND, and it was awful!!!
We were kind of trapped for a few days. And I'm sore from shoveling. Yes, it was that bad. Because of the wind, we have snow drifts, some are six feet tall, some are only two. They look pretty cool, actually.. but seriously.. when you go outside and just look around it's just hard to actually grasp the concept of how much snow is actually out there.. SO MUCH. I've never seen that much.. At least at once.. But yeah, crazy week I'd say. Weather-wise. It got down to like, -30 with wind Wednesday night. And with my furnace acting up (we have to go down to the basement and manually turn it on most of the time...) so much fun. Anyways, done rambling.
Hope you've had a good week! :)

Oh! I see!

Haha thank you! I did not. I almost forgot how cold it was supposed to be. But it was windy at one point, which made me notice the cold.

That's good! But yeah.. That's why it's a project! :P

I have no idea... Probably March. Haha! As sad as that sounds, it's true. How cold did it get there?

Oh you're really far south, huh? :P
Aww, haha I'm sorry.

I don't know. You can get sick easily, and if you stay out there too long, I'm sure you could get hypothermia!
I know it is.. :( it's not fun. Sadly, I have to go places tomorrow.

Oh I gotcha. Haha well good luck. Even though it may be late for that? I don't know..

Well definitely good luck on that one!

That's true.. I'd be happier doing it if I could get paid for it! Haha
I heard it snowed in Texas recently, not too much though. We got hit majorly yesterday! No fun. It made me stuck inside (except to shovel, of course.), and I had to cancel my plans. :(

It is, for sure. It depends on the day. Usually I only qualify it a bad day if it was entirely bad all around. Like waking up to bad news, people being rude all day, not doing anything, it really does depend on things.

Actually, I guess I was wrong, the low is in the negatives. but the high is not above nine. If you go outside for too long, yeah, bad things can happen. Haha, interesting way to phrase that.. But I do prefer staying home on such cold days!

Haha I don't mind it at all! And oh my, yay procrastination! Just kidding, that stinks. I hope you got it done!
and aw! I hate being so overtired I can't sleep. :/ that's the worst.

Shoveling snow isn't fun! It hurts your back and you're freezing, and snow is heavy! haha

I know! I have this thing though, where this year I'm counting how many bad days I have, hoping that I'll have more good ones than bad ones, you know? It sounds strange.. but 1/4 of my year already stinks. :/ oh well! There's plenty more to go. :)

LUCKY! that's so warm.. I'm so jealous right now. later this week the HIGH is BELOW zero!! :(

Oh so you finally realized how silly I am, huh? haha you had to figure it out eventually! I'm just surprised you didn't sooner. :P

Sorry I took a week to respond!

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