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About me.
I'm really not good at writing about myself. I've redone this thing a million times and it still just doesn't seem to fit or describe me accurately, so I think I'll leave it at this:

I'm Lauren. I enjoy long walks on the beach, roses, knitting...

Just kidding. But seriously, I'm Lauren. I'm much nicer than I should be sometimes, but never a pushover. I'm very independent. I love to read, swim, cheer & dance. I will live at the beach one day. I have a lengthy bucket list, but I always forget to write it down. I'm a romantic when reading a good love story, but not once I close the book. You probably don't care about my taste in music, so I'll spare you the time. Family is important to me.

I have the 13th most favorited post of all time. Of ALL TIME!
No, it's not that impressive but it makes me happy.

I love meeting new people, so get to know me. :)

*** if you have a faceboooook, help me out on a school project. Go to and click "like" on the right side of the website. I need as many likes as I can. Ready.. set.. GO!



Thank you, thank you! I won my matches. :) Looks like your luck worked!

Wait. I confused myself Going to a tennis tournament, wish me luck?

I'm a new person, hey there stranger.

I liked it. Good luck on your school project.

I don't have my list to hand currently.
Otherwise I would check for you (smirk)

Yes'ndeed I am. I'm going to a California University at the moment to get my general education before (hopefully) transferring to a University in LA for film school.

What about you? What colleges are you looking into if any?

Ba da ba ba ba da ba ba ba da da!! (Dakota is one of my favorites!) Ahh, The Killers, MCR, and the Almost are great bands as well.

I have a coworker who absolutely LOVES Pride & Prejudice. Something about Mr. Darci being a super ultra perfect romantic guy or whatever you girls dig :P If you're into classics, I would most certainly recommend Frankenstein (the original from Wollstonecraft). It's one of my favorite books of all time--it's really different from what many people think its about though, but it's deep all the same.

Your life story doesn't bore me at all! I find it very compelling. It must be really tough having to go through all that medical procedure. >.< Just a year ago, I had to get nuts and bolts screwed into my tibula when I snapped it from trying to do a back flip. Surgical procedures are the worst x_X I really dig alternative music like The Maine, a Rocket to the Moon, and Punk Rock like Sum 41 and Blink 182. And I enjoy reading anything from political/economic books like Freakonomics and Generation Me to good fiction and literature like the Pretties/Uglies series or Heart of Darkness. What books and music are you into?

(P.Syou should really look into those alternative bandsthey're awesome!)

Well my plans aren't exactly set in stone. There's always a possibility for some kind of identity crises that will send me spiraling down a road of hoboism and spray-can-city-street art. But I too like having things in order. I used to wish God would march out of the clouds to tell me what I'm good for and that would be that. No ambiguity. But then again, when we're old and rocking on our imitation-oak chairs, I'm sure we'll be happy we figured it out on our own.

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