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About me.
llpof stands for Liar Liar Pants On Fire.

I am not a liar, and my pants certainly aren't on fire.

My name is Laurel. 

I have two freckles on my left hand. They're my favorite freckles. 

That's my left  hand in my picture.

I hate it when people mistreat books. It makes me want to hit them in the face.

I was always one f those people that said "I'm never going to get a Kindle!!!!! NEVERRRR!!!!!" 
And now that I have a kindle I love it. 

The worst (non-lethal)  thing that can happen to someone who loves to read is going blind. 

I'm legally blind. The day after my 21st birthday, I woke up and there was a spot on front of my eye. It looked like I had been staring at the sun. Three days later the spot was still there so I went to the eye doctor. They admitted me into the hospital that night.  They told me I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis). It's rare to have MS and go blind in both eyes. But I'm blind in both eye. Being legally blind is the reason I got a kindle. I can't see small words, so I can't read books. But on my Kindle, I can make the words bigger.  I can see enough to not run into things, but of I got mugged on the street, I probably wouldn't be able to identify my attacker. 

What being blind is like: It's absolute darkness. Like when you're sitting in a room, and someone comes in a flips the light off real fast and your eyes haven't adjusted to the darkness yet, so you can't see anything. 

The word "Rampant" makes me giggle.

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie ever. Lumiere is my favorite character because he really lights up a room. Cogsworth is my second favorite character simply because of the scene where he slides down the banister and pokes Lefou in the butt with his sword. Mrs. Potts is amazing. I hope to have a teapot that looks like her one day. And I used to have a teacup that looked like Chip. Sadly, it got lost when I was little. 

I love setting paper on fire and watching it burn, but who doesn't?

My friend met the Prince of Zimbabwe at a leadership conference in Texas. She meets the coolest people. I'm jealous. 

I cannot hula hoop. I've never been able to, no matter how hard i try.

My favorite song of the moment is "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne. 

I love the phrase "More _ than you can shake a stick at." But, I always forget to use it. 

"...And I'm scared of cows."

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Oh gosh you just made me so happy :D!!! I'm SO glad you loved it :D hopefully I'll get the upload in by monday, but I can't be certain because I'm going on an orchestra trip to San Antonio and I'm going to be gone practically the entire weekend :( but I'm gonna try and find the time to write :)

hey :) I hope your camping trip was fun!! :D

just wanted to let you know I uploaded the next chapter :)

ohhh dang, loosing your eyesight was an impediment on your life. that just stinks. At least you're not too far away :) Do you speak any french?

Sounds like a lot of fun! :) YAY for TEXANS! :D What grade are you in? I'm a junior.

Yeah, it's been a while since I've been camping too :/ But that's exciting. That's like 3 hours from where I live.

Oooooh CAMPING! Sounds like fun :) i love outdoorsy stuff :) but i hate all the mosquitoes. where are you going camping?
That's cool. I usually don't get around to uploading until Monday anyways :)

:D :D :D I'm so glad you liked it! Well hopefully I'll be uploading another chapter this weekend :) I'll keep you updated if you'd like.
SERIOUSLY! It's much better than all the other disney princess movies! It's the perfect love story. The setting, the characters, the plot, the development of the characters and plot :) I LOVE IT!

Thanks :) That'd be pretty cool :] I love it when people read my stories, especially when they give me feedback :) lol it's okay, as long as you get your point across and I can figure out what you're saying :)
and oh my gosh I LOVE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! It's my favorite disney princess movie :D

lol oh cool :D now I feel like a badass haha. Well if you ever want to read my story, here's the link to it :)

What genre of books do you like?

bahaha I think i might say that from now on :) OH MY FISH! hehehe

DANG! Yeah that sucks. And good audio books are hard to find :( I LOVEEEEE READING BOOKS! I'm actually writing one right now. Have you ever heard of a website called Wattpad?
:(That's so sad and depressing.

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