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About me.
HEY THERE! I'm Annie.
I'm pretty wierd.

I'm a dreamer, and I'm also very very cynical. Bad combination.
I have depression.
I'm agnostic, and also a pacifist. I believe in loving anyone regardless of their beliefs. I love musical theatre.
I'm uber sarcastic. Musicwise, I pretty much listen to everything. My musical tastes are far too eclectic to belong to any one genre; but here goes:
MCR, Mumford and Sons, Regina Spektor, Florence + The Machine, the Beatles, the Little Mermaid soundtrack, Les Mis soundtrack, Ke$ha, and a bunch of other random songs that don't belong to a particular genre.
I'm Asian, and I'm pretty socially awkward.
I'm pretty artsy. I sing a lot and doodle a lot. I've played the piano for over eight years, and I'm learning to play guitar. I enjoy writing poetry and stories. I like passionate people.
I haven't made up my opinions on a lot of things.
I'm 14.
Does this profile sound obnoxious? I can't tell if it sounds obnoxious.

I enjoy..
obscure movie and book references.
Harry Potter
things that smell good
corny movies
Back To The Future
pretty socks.

This American Life is a great radio program.

I am possibly The Queen Of Humiliating And Awkward Social Situations.

I think the idea of freedom is a little bit selfish. But then again, I also want to be free.
I think it would be best if we had no rules, and everyone lived alone in the forest and minded their own business. I frequently fantasize about running away and being alone and doing my own thing.

I really love this site. I really do. Everything about it.

I have controversial ideas about pedophilia, as evidenced by my one POTD:
If you want to debate about it, feel free. I love a good argument.

I wrote a musical an entire musical in fifth grade. It was about a blind guy who falls in love with an ugly girl. (worst plot ever, right?) There was also some random sideplot that culminated in a Starbucks robbery, I think. I wrote the whole script and all the songs too. Me and my friends filmed it. We still quote the song lyrics to each other sometimes. Good memories. Not-so-good song lyrics.

I'm an old soul. I love to brood. I love to feel nostalgic. Often I'll find myself growing nostalgic for my wild days in my 20s.... even though, y'know. I'm not even 20 yet. I like old movies. I like grey drizzly days.

I have the best most supermegafoxyawesomehot friends in the whole entire world.

I'm pretty darn spastic, and pretty darn socially awkward, and to be honest I don't know how my friends manage to put up with me, so LOVE YOU GUYS. :]

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