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About me.
Everyone says it, but I am awful at writing about myself.
I\'m Megan, hence the username, and I\'m 17. I\'m from Canada and I speak English and French!
I\'m 5\'8\'\', so I\'m fairly tall, but I\'d rather be tall than short.
I love all types of music. From rock, to rap, to pop and country music (although country is not my favourite). Oh and yes I write favourite and colour with U\'s...
I have Canadian pride, and unlike everyone seems to think I\'ve NEVER seen a milk bag! I feel like I\'m missing out on something extremely awesome...
If you have any questions about me, go ahead and ask! Leave me a message :)
Well there\'s nothing more I can say at the moment, but thanks for reading

My first post, which was anonymous (amiritepostvirgin), got on the home page...


Yeahh, i know exactly what you mean. But, i have been practicing a bit everytime im over, and im getting better at it :) I can now play the song three cheers for five years by mayday parade (y)

hhahaa its not that hard, i tried learning the guitar every once and a wehile with my friend and he picks it up so easy, but im so mentally challenged at it, my fingers never stayu in the right places :$ basically the only song in can play without messing up is "the beautiful people" cause its mad easy

Awhhhh yeah! :D Me neither, it's all i have when life get's boring. And, i played drums for a lil bit, but that's it, hby?

hahaaa thanks, i thought= they were a nice touch ;) butt, yeahh, spoorts and music are my life. And, i was thinking about it, but i might just play hockey in the summer again like i have the last couple years, idkkk yet :o

Awhhh (n) I used to play soccer and run track and ceoss coubntry, and i used to play volleyball and basketball and i even used to swim haha, but i quit all of those :( Now i just play hockey :) The only thing i really miss is soccer tho

hahaa yeahhhh :) he used to play on Calgary, and he's a boss when he wants to be. But, do you play any sports? Or just watch them?

Yeahhh he really is <3 andd oh, i thought at l;east you would have heard there names, but okay, phaneuf is the captain but hes not playing as good as he should

Yeah, him and Patrick Kane are my two favourites :) Kesler is the full package though, hes just a boss! and you don't know who Dion Phaneuf is? Or Phil Kessel? the leafs have played the canucks this year :o

hahaa i love the canucks, Ryan kesler is my favourite player :)

Nothing, i love them, theyve always been my fav since i was born. But, yeah, they might even make the playoffs :0

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