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About me.
I'm 15, I live in Texas, and I'm a Christian. I'm a devout Aggie. I love drawing, painting, watercolor, and photoshop. They're some of my favorite things to do besides take care of my gagillion pets that are mostly reptiles. I speak french. I love to ride horses, play volleyball, and swim, run barefoot, etc. I love country music but hey what a suprise since I live in Texas, right? I support our troops and am proud to say that many, many people in my family have served. The bigger the truck the better. Umm I'm the kind of person who holds doors open for you even if you're five seconds behind me. My favorite shoes are my boots; my work and dress boots tie for first place. One of my best friends is my dog, Bear, you'll probably see a post or two about him. And I can't stand cliche-ish people; I prefer originality and when people don't try really hard to seem cool but nonchalantly act like how they usually would. I tend to just prefer listening to other people talk. I find it very enjoyable to hear what they have to say about themselves like their weird stories, their funny stories, their favorite word, joke, or even food. So please, do continue:)



Ahh :P Life's good. Drawing a lot and getting pretty good at it. :) I sold a few drawings for $50! >:D twas pretty sweet.

Passing out because of it?! HAHAHA That's actually really funny. 80 degrees isnt hot at all, and that's coming from a person surrounded by coldness. CONDITIONED to 5 degrees?! Hardly. I like it at a nice 75 degrees. If it would stay 75 year round.. I'd be in heaven :) Haha, I was wondering why you never messaged me back. I kept thinking "did i say something mean?!?! OH MY GOSH WHAT DID I DO?!"

I wish you the most exciting, wonderful, beneficial, loving, delightful, entertaining, jaunty, great, fabulous, gleeful, pleasant, bright, and cheery, merry Christmas ever. <3(:

Me too!!! :D I so hear you on the Christmas shopping! I love Gander Mountain, funny thing I was at a very similar store called Fin Feathers and Fur today! It was crazy packed with hunters and nice looking country boys. ;) I got a knife too! lol

FORTY?! FORTY?!!? You're seriously complaining about 40!!!!!!!! Ok, it's 5. That's right F-I-V-E D-E-G-R-E-E-S! It hasnt been 4 since...October? ): Plus, we're gonna have a white Christmas that's full of freezingness..We currently have about 7 inches of snow. ):

Yeah I know. I hate when i go to a friend's house for a sleep over and I'll be like, WIDE AWAKE!!!! and they're practically unconscious on the couch or something and then I'm bored out of my mind ): Or, I'll be super tired and trying to sleep and they'll forbid me from sleeping!! D: It's terrible!!!! Uhg...When people steal my covers I get so mad. It's so cold without them ): I have this one friend who rolls up in the blankets like a mummy...and there's no way of getting them back.. ):

Not until like January 7th!

Yeah, they suck. I remember back when I was in biology, that was the worst final ever...

Oh gosh, midterms. Fun stuff. lol

I've been out for a little more than a week now. :)

Oh gosh, midterms. Fun stuff. lol

I've been out for a little more than a week now. :)

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