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Apr 16th 2016

There have been several reports lately of people posting offensive content towards others.

Please note that harassment towards users will not be tolerated.

·         Don't harass or spam other users.

·         Don't publish or send messages or photos with damaging, threatening, misleading, defamatory, rancorous, aggressive, racist, vulgar, denigrating, indecent, insulting, violent, obscene or pornographic content.

·         Don't spam, don't try to recruit votes, don't send unsolicited commercials or chain letters and don't flood or write excessively long texts.

·         Don't be cheap.

·         Don't post pornographic photos and texts.

·         Don't throw yourself at people. You're better than that!

·         Don't do anything illegal on our site. We will report you to the authorities if you do.

·         Don't post racist remarks or photos and don't abuse people because of their sexual preferences.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result either in a warning or blocking from the site. Please be aware that we are not obliged to warn you before we do this. In cases of serious breaches, we will immediately block you from the site without leaving you an option to get your account back.


These guidelines are meant to keep Amirite a fun and friendly place for all our users.

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