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Apr 20th 2016

Dear Amirite Users,

On Sunday 1st May we will be hosting one of our Amirite's Invite a friend day!

For those of you not familiar, users traditionally will invite their friends or anyone over the internet to try out Amirite.

The person who has managed to get the most users to sign up (from the 21st April to 12am EST on the 2nd May) via their referal link will be able to choose post of the day with whatever post they would like on the homepage first position whether it be your own post or you can choose a friends!

Post of the day posts generally receive 1000% more visibility than regular posts so you can use this opportunity to spread a message, ask a question or whatever you would like thats on your mind!

To share your referall link you can go to your settings section and copy and paste the link  wherever you would like on the web e.g


It will show up automatically on our system as to how many people have signed up from your link.

If you have any questions feel free to ask a senior mod!


Good examples as to whether to post your referall link are:

Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Blog comments, Forum comments, online chats, links from your own blog or website, whatsapp, whatsapp groups, 4chan, yahoo groups, and email!

Remember anyone who signs up via your link counts! Only 1 person per link though - so no abusing the sign up process please!


Happy Sharing!


The Amirite Team

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