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About me.
Hello. I love soccer even though I suck at it. I am a horribly slow typer, so I prefer not to text. But then again, it could be because my thumbs are fat. Whatever. I am here to read other posts and "ponder" over them. I am 15 but I can say I'm pretty mature for this site. Anyways, I made this long because I enjoy reading other peoples bio and maybe someone out there is just like me :)
* I hate butterflys. They creep me out.
* I love OneRepublic
* I do have my life planned out, but it changes day to day
* My favorites are limes, not lemons
I'm from Nepal and I am a Vegetarian :)


oh my

I like "coming-of-age" novels. I loved "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and John Green's books: "Looking For Alaska", "An Abundance of Katherines", and "Paper Towns". They were all really riveting, and I liked them (especially Perks) because they made me think and like re-evaluate my entire existence. But, at the same time, they were funny and lighthearted. I'm not really into romance novels, though. There was another book I really liked, called "Sweethearts", because it wasn't a romance novel but had slightly romantic elements. It was just really interesting. I tore it in 4 hours.

Hey I HAVEN'T RESPONDED BACK IN LIKE 50 YEARS. I haven't been on here for a long time. Anyway, I need to find some new books so what would you recommend?

Hi, sorry I haven't responded back in awhile (busy week) :). Anyway, I'm about your height too. I'm between 5'1-5'2, and have short legs too which is annoying. I feel like I'm like stalking you for some reason... WE HAVE MATCHING LEGS OMG. Haha just kidding but anyway... the people from the hs came for sports and I tried out for tennis, track, cross-country, and wait for it...... golf. The soccer coach at my school is like mentally disturbed sooooooo decided not to do that. My friend has been elected to be on the pole vaulting team because she's a gymnast (She's tall, light, and has a lot of speed and muscle) but she's dying because she doesn't know what to do (YAY FOR PRESSURE) haha. Are you going to play a sport in high school?

I do eat eggs. They're not my favorite, but I kind of have to eat them. I prefer black beans & tofu usually. Everybody thinks tofu's gross but it's SO GOOD. I've always liked it though.

I've never really been able to try pole vaulting, but it seems really cool. One of my really good friends does track & field so I went to one of her track meets and it looks fun. I've done long & high jump though, and I'm okay I guess. It depends :)

Ugh... It's gross when women are like that. I want to throw up when I see people like that. And I never really played badminton... I really like cricket though. And I don't judge people when they eat meat either, but meat just really doesn't appeal to me.

That's the same with my friend (she keeps Kosher so she's vegetarian). For me it's a lot of reasons. Like to me its gross. Like you are eating something that used to walk around and had blood and all that stuff. Like that's disgusting. Also, its just like if you could survive without killing another living thing, why should you?
I don't know... just my thoughts.

And I wish I were muscular. It just sucks because I play tennis so its hard to get a good hit when I don't have that much muscle. It's all in the wrist, though :)

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