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Monday June 25th 2018

There should be something in place to prevent America from electing to become a facist state.

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23% agree
77% disagree

Sunday June 24th 2018

Confirmed by WH spokesperson.  She did wear this jacket to see the kids.  I'll just leave this here and see who wants to defend her wardrobe choice.

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67% agree
33% disagree

Saturday June 23rd 2018

I have an idea!! Let's let in 25,000 Syrian refugees, GIVE them $2,500 @ month and let our own Canadian homeless people die on the streets ... Oh wait, that was Trudeau and his dysfunctional Liberal Cabinet's idea ... Nice to know he cares about Canadians.

Friday June 22nd 2018

Personality is very important in a relationship and in life.  Describe your personality.

Thursday June 21st 2018

If you were going to start your own business, what industry would the business be and why?

Wednesday June 20th 2018

Do you like to watch the newer movies out now? Or are you like me and would rather watch older movies?

Tuesday June 19th 2018

For Shame!!  President Trump removing children from their illegal parents!! Well, at least he didn't use an AUTOMATIC RIFLE, like Bill Clinton did!

Monday June 18th 2018

Mom busts 9th grade son naked, in bed, with his school counselor!

Sunday June 17th 2018

Saturday June 16th 2018

What don't you have the patience for?

Friday June 15th 2018

Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Bring pepper spray instead. Click video.

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43% agree
57% disagree

Thursday June 14th 2018

At some point, before your 18th birthday, did you sneak out of the house after your parents/guardian went to sleep and, if so, what was the reason?

Wednesday June 13th 2018

Even though it's all worth it in the end, What do you dislike most about cooking?

Tuesday June 12th 2018

Step away from your emotions before making that important decision ... Emotional people make too many costly mistakes.

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57% agree
43% disagree

Monday June 11th 2018

You win some, you lose some...  What have you won or lost recently?

Sunday June 10th 2018

Saturday June 9th 2018

Anthony Bourdain proved to me the world isn't nearly as bad as it appears. Saddens me that, even knowing that, he took his own life. The world has lost a fine human being, one of the best of us.

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91% agree
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Friday June 8th 2018

Thursday June 7th 2018

Wednesday June 6th 2018

Tuesday June 5th 2018

Pick a word and make up a better definition.

Monday June 4th 2018

We were taught as kids to not get in strangers cars or meet strangers from the Internet, and now we literally summon strangers from the Internet and get in their cars.

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Sunday June 3rd 2018

What frightens you about getting old....

Saturday June 2nd 2018

We gotta draw a line somewhere on qualification for Congress... I say pedophilia is an automatic disqualifier. Thoughts?

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93% agree
7% disagree

Friday June 1st 2018

Would you rather know where you were before you were born or where you'll be after you die?

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