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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

At one point in our lives we had a ... funny haircut or style ...  I had one just like Nick Carter back in 2000 ... haha ... Post a haircut or style you had  that you now think is funny.

Monday January 22nd 2018

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  NO         LAW period.  Do you agree?

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64% agree
36% disagree

Sunday January 21st 2018

Another scandal brewing about Trump and a <b>** star.   To compare his daughter with a </b>** star is pretty low even for Trump.   And yet his supporters stay quiet.   When will they wake up to the fact that the president is unfit to be president.

Saturday January 20th 2018

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93% agree
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Friday January 19th 2018

A Little Bird, and a Kind Man

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88% agree
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Thursday January 18th 2018

Wednesday January 17th 2018

I'm about to die soon. It's something, that I have to deal with. But, let me be a king for a day, at least. That's all I'm asking for.

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89% agree
11% disagree

Tuesday January 16th 2018

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57% agree
43% disagree

Monday January 15th 2018

Sunday January 14th 2018

When you are Wrongly & Unfairly accused either in RL or Online , do you step up to defend yourself ?

Saturday January 13th 2018

Friday January 12th 2018

Thursday January 11th 2018

This is a serious question, that doesn't involve a guitar or John.  If I told you guys certain things, that you might not want to believe, which side would you be rooting for? The truth, filtered through my own subjective mind or just the officially accepted version of the truth, which makes you to feel safe (sorry) and comfortable?

Wednesday January 10th 2018


Tuesday January 9th 2018

How do you handle rejection?

Monday January 8th 2018

What scares you the most about growing OLD?

Sunday January 7th 2018

Are kids today spending too much time online living in virtual world forgetting what its like to be a child?

Saturday January 6th 2018

I wonder what would happen if Every single person refused to pay their Medical bills until they are fair? $30 for an aspirin? $200,000 for a week in the ICU.. obviously for most people this is mostly paid by insurance. I call ****. Prices for Medical Procedures, Perscriptions, and insurance could all be far cheaper. As an American citizen I demand an audit as to where all this money is actually going. The Doctors? Sure well paid but no. The Hospital owners and insurance company owners? Maybe.  But $30 for a single aspirin is insane.

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87% agree
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Friday January 5th 2018

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87% agree
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Thursday January 4th 2018

I want an honest answer from Trump supporters.  You say you are tired of us criticizing <em>your</em> president.  But did you sit quiet when president Obama was in office?  Did you?  Please don't go through all the reasons you complained.  Just tell me if you did.  Last I checked, we are all <em>equally</em> entitled to our opinions and sometimes passionate criticisms.

Wednesday January 3rd 2018

I don't see any reason to expel  transgender people from  military services - BUT  I don't think it is  a good use of taxpayer dollars to  pay for gender change procedures.

Tuesday January 2nd 2018

Have or Had You Heard of 'Swatting', Before This Tragic Incident?

Monday January 1st 2018

Post some passionate music you enjoy listening too.

Sunday December 31st 2017

Is Romance Dead?

Saturday December 30th 2017

WTH? Are people that screwed up? Really? Fake camel toe. SMH

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