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Wednesday January 18th 2017

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Monday January 16th 2017

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken? Was it yours or did it belong to someone else?

Sunday January 15th 2017

🐰 If you've never thought of this, you may want too.It's a care package for homeless people.Just gave away my last one a few days ago. Time to make up some more. 🐰

Saturday January 14th 2017

Friday January 13th 2017

No one wants a cop in their rear view mirror <strong>rite?</strong>

Thursday January 12th 2017

Honest Discussion

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Wednesday January 11th 2017

Which decade is the best?

Tuesday January 10th 2017

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Monday January 9th 2017

Sunday January 8th 2017

"In time, the anxiety caused through the preservation of insecurity is far more costly than the sustained nurturing of confidence."                           ~Jack Henry Kraven~

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Friday January 6th 2017

Sharing your innermost thoughts with <em>anyone</em> is an impossibility.

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Thursday January 5th 2017

Most dangerous job: parachute tester.

Wednesday January 4th 2017

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Tuesday January 3rd 2017

Happy Birthday HegeMarie!!

Friday December 30th 2016

Thursday December 29th 2016

Wednesday December 28th 2016

Tuesday December 27th 2016

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Saturday December 24th 2016

Friday December 23rd 2016

Wednesday December 21st 2016

Tuesday December 20th 2016

Monday December 19th 2016

<b>He should just "get a life." </b> We're always talking about someone "having a life"...or "getting a life"...<em>but what does that actually mean? Tell me what you think...</em>

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Sunday December 18th 2016

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Saturday December 17th 2016

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