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Friday July 21st 2017

<b>Arguments between couples are just power struggles.</b> <em>Amirite?</em>

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65% agree
35% disagree

Thursday July 20th 2017

Heaven has got to be as crowded as <del>Hell</del> heck by now. When you get there, do you think you'll be able to find who you're looking for?

Tuesday July 18th 2017

 If a person essentially discharges himself from a hospital, defying a physician’s recommendation, should they be allowed to leave?

Monday July 17th 2017

Sunday July 16th 2017

Saturday July 15th 2017

Friday July 14th 2017

What do you think will come after death?

Thursday July 13th 2017

US mother who defied doctors advice to have an abortion shows off her healthy conjoined twins who will not have a separation operation.  Was this mother's lack of action not motivated by selfishness?

Wednesday July 12th 2017

 Do you ever look back at your life and think wow I'm seriously impressed that I'm still alive?

Tuesday July 11th 2017

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81% agree
19% disagree

Monday July 10th 2017

What's something you've lost that to this day you still find yourself baffled as to where it could have went?

Sunday July 9th 2017

You can't believe everything people tell you without evidence/ proof, <strong>right?</strong>

Saturday July 8th 2017

Friday July 7th 2017

If you had the Power to Cast a Spell over an Enemy , what would you do to them ? Be a little Imaginative my friends.

Thursday July 6th 2017

Wednesday July 5th 2017

Renowned Big Game Hunter Crushed to Death by Dying Elephant. Justice?

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83% agree
17% disagree

Tuesday July 4th 2017

Monday July 3rd 2017

Sunday July 2nd 2017

<b>Can you think of a circumstance where it's good to hide your real feelings?</b>

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96% agree
4% disagree

Saturday July 1st 2017

Friday June 30th 2017

Would you lie in court to stop a friend from going to prison....

Thursday June 29th 2017

Should You Live Together Before Marriage?

Wednesday June 28th 2017

I am so proud of myself. I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill...tomorrow's goal...I am gonna turn that bad boy on

Tuesday June 27th 2017

According to 62% of Amirite, we are all created equal. (Click on Source for Sukies post)

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