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Thursday April 27th 2017

💞 Do you ever take any interest in your Zodiac sign? 💞

Wednesday April 26th 2017

What was your irrational childhood fear?

Tuesday April 25th 2017

<b>I don't trust anyone.</b> <em>Does this pretty much sum up you?</em>

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Monday April 24th 2017

Sunday April 23rd 2017

"You can be the bad thing that happens to somebody". Have you ever been the bad thing in someone else's life?

Saturday April 22nd 2017

👽 Name something you would refuse to put in your mouth? 👽

Friday April 21st 2017

Do you have any secrets about yourself that you've never in your life even told one person?

Thursday April 20th 2017

What's your favorite one-hit wonder tune?

Wednesday April 19th 2017

<b>After you log onto Amirite...where do you head?</b>

Tuesday April 18th 2017

<b>What's the primary reason people make good choices?</b> <em>Is it environment, education, personality, or just general destiny?</em>

Monday April 17th 2017

If you were transformed into a machine, what machine would you like to be?

Saturday April 15th 2017

We all have our different moods...if you could post an emoji of how you currently feel, what would ya post?

Friday April 14th 2017

What do you do when your child of between 14 and 16 just refuses to go to school due to anxiety. There is no indication what causes the anxiety but it is not any teacher or kid. Perhaps school work, perhaps a new school but how on earth do you get to the bottom of this before it becomes too late and he has to repeat the year?

Thursday April 13th 2017

Do you have a tattoo that you regret getting?

Saturday April 8th 2017

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Thursday April 6th 2017

Can you train a raccoon to be your pet? This time, this is both a bit weird and a serious question. I'm baffled by them.

Wednesday April 5th 2017

Just curious. Many of us have traveled to other countries for vacations, but how many of us have really explored our own countries and what they have to offer?  What is it about your country or area that you would recommend to a traveler?

Tuesday April 4th 2017

Do you have a favorite Quote?

Monday April 3rd 2017

Would you volunteer to take a one way trip to another planet?

Sunday April 2nd 2017


Friday March 31st 2017

Adult discussion...Guys do you ever wonder how amazing the Female Orgasm is ?

Thursday March 30th 2017

Wednesday March 29th 2017

Tuesday March 28th 2017

Monday March 27th 2017

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