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Obama Commutes Traitor Manning - Decision Flies In The The Face Of LBGT Patriots
How much class and dignity do you think the Democrats and their supporters will display at Trump's inauguration ceremony? Will they behave like the kind, decent people they claim to be, or like the violent, irrational idiots the right says they are?
Do you know who has you blocked and why....
Does the sunshine make you a happier person...
👀 The guy who ran for president on his ability to make and close deals could not successfully book a Bruce Springsteen cover band but he will pay you to fill a seat at his little shindig. The question is how much would he have to pay you to sit through this snooze-fest? 👀
Do you dress to impress?
⚜️ Ever get the feeling that someone is waiting until you fall asleep so that they can pee on your shoes or something equally absurd? ⚜️
I've Decided That There It Is A Clear Distinction Between Brand-Name VICKS VapoRub And Its Generic, House-Brand Knock-Offs Both In Its Texture And Effectiveness: What Say You?
If someone told you that SodaHead was back in business what would you do?
Describe how you feel now in one word.
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to block certain subjects the way we do certain users?
What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken? Was it yours or did it belong to someone else?
Are you keeping warm this winter?
Do you prefer to lead? Or are you alright letting someone else do it?
<b>Babies come into this world when they feel like it.</b> <em>And it's about the last time they have control in any situation...</em> <b>Amirite?</b>
You are tucked all way in bed when you hear something fall in the middle of the night,what do ya do?
More slavery today than at any time

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