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What is the most cost-effective way to bribe someone?
💞 Do you ever take any interest in your Zodiac sign? 💞
Have you ever got lost, when going through a revolving door?
Do you find tunnels spooky?
What has been your worst romantic "fail" ?
✌ Any fans of the genius known as Frank Zappa? ✌
<b>How do you feel about your partner's driving?</b>
<b>YouTube. How do you know what to search for?</b> <em>Like, please give me some music I might like?</em>
Berkeley - Where Freedom Goes To Die
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
WHO KILLED SIMON RABBIT? United Airlines' latest PR disaster. Give us your best guess of what happened.
How do you eat string cheese?
Is it easier for mummies to infiltrate secret nuclear facilities?
Would you be interested in developing a completely new version of billiards with me? I'm thinkin', that metal cubes (thanks, Marianne) and vacuum pockets would make both pool and snooker a lot more interesting. Also, we might need a big magnet in the center of the table. Possibly trouts as well.
Despite the panic from the LOSERS, Donald Trump sure is taking his good ol' time destroying America, the environment, and womanhood. Bill Clinton would have had at least three bimbos bagged by now. What's taking misogynist Trump so long?
Please post a sentence containing the word "arms" however replace the word "arms" with the word underpants. Thanks.
<b>It's Not You; It's Me...</b> <em>Biggest Lie or Biggest Truth?</em>

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