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Is your residence the envy of the neighborhood... and if not, how come??
Will you be grilling out this weekend, if so what are your favorite foods to grill?
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Boats: If you had one, what would you Name Your Boat?
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Are you into FACIALS?
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And who shall win this court case? Transgender Files $50,000 Complaint Because Muslim Woman Refuses to Wax ****
Just a simple yes or no question. Was Bill Clinton's meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac a more egregious offence than the WH lawyer attending the gang of eight conference today?  No need to comment, I am just curious.
Hulk vs Superman: Who You Got?
If you were fortunate enough to be in one gif for all time which gif(s) would you choose?
"The buck stops here". What other saying have you no clear idea as to what it means because of its origin?
Thanks to all the men and women who have served this great country of ours and to those who have served their country as well.   We shall never forget.   Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
Quiz: Heaven or Hell? What is your Destiny?
Did you ever solve the case of the mysteriously vanished gnat?

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