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Have you had any snow in your area yet?
πŸ’Ž What does the term "soulmate" mean to you? πŸ’Ž
It's very chilly here in Salt Lake City. The low will be 25 degrees. I would love nothing more than a warm ocean breeze right now. How about you?
Some people seem to be concerned about others being on the Hall of Fame board.  Even making snide comments about those who are on it.   I wonder why, when most of us would just as soon management would do away with it.  In fact it's been suggested to management that they delete it.  It's of no importance to me or to anyone for that matter.
Bullying has gotten way to violent. These teens need to be taught a lesson old school style.  Amirite ?
<b>Is your pet online yet?</b> <em>Everyone's online these days.</em>
Sometimes you just got to block a "TROUBLEMAKER". They troll your posts to start fights. I make no time for "TROUBLEMAKERS", do you?
<b>Which country has the prettiest currency?</b> <em>Beauty in currency detracts from the fact that it may be depleting your bank account.</em>
When Someone Says To You During A Time Of Personal Turmoil Or Crisis, "If You Need Anything, Just Let Me/Us Know"..... Do You Take It Literally Or Assume It's A Well-Intended Yet Canned Gesture?
What happened to the Marlboro man?
QUIZ: What Is Your Inner Animal?
Rhyming Words in Alphabetical Order  Can you find a word which rhymes with a given word? Try and then propose your word (next letter in alphabetical order) to the following user. Make sure that there is a rhyme for the word you are passing further. And thank you for upvoting the previous user(s).   Examples: 1) A: Arrival - rhyming with: Survival (or archival)  2) B: (your word for the following user)  Beach - rhyming with:  Teach (or peach, reach, etc.)	  3) C: (next user, etc.)
Gonna let your Hatred stop you?
<b>Could you live without your microwave?</b>
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