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How much more can Trump lie, and how much more can we take? (Or, that piece of shit in the oval office just removed the ban on trophy hunting)
Who are your favourite '70s icons?
Ever wonder what happened to our education system?
Don't be to quick to judge, look at yourself before you speak, AM I rite
How many wizards does it take to change a gear in a McLaren Senna?
Post a song with a plant in the title?
Do you ever wonder why you can never win at love?
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This celebrity barber gives free haircuts to the homeless
Would you like to have a twin brother or sister?

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One of the greatest guitarists in the world and my all time favorite Randy Rhoads died March 19th, 1982 in a senseless plane crash at the age of 25 ... Can you imagine what he would of accomplished if he was alive today? ... Post some Ozzy or Quiet Riot songs in honor of Randy.
What are you still learning
Have you ever been called for jury duty?   If so, did you serve, or did you try to get out of it?
Have you ever car pooled with someone?   If so, how'd that work for you?

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