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✰ Dammit, I accidentally ran into a tease hive, now I'm running from an angry swarm of maybes. Don't you hate people that can't make up their mind about something? ✰
Quiz: Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?
If you could have the answer to one thing about your future life ,what would the question be?
❤ Are you comfortable with apologizing to someone? ❤
If a person's front lawn is neat as a pin, do you pass judgement that the inside of that person's house will also be neat as a pin?
Do you believe the stories that are coming out from three former Miss Teen USA contestants that Donald Trump walked in, on purpose, into their dressing room while they were changing clothes and that some of the girls were as young as 15?
I'm Puzzled.  Do Democrats Not Believe The Hillary Server and The Destruction Of Emails Story?  Or, Do They Not Care?
A City Council will declare there is no money for certain social programs but that same City Council will always find the money for a new stadium?
Quiz...What's Your Halloween **** Name?  :-):-)
✵ If you have the balls to bring it up, then you should have the balls to defend what you said. Do you agree?  ✵
Quiz...How Superficial Are You?
Quiz...Can You Guess the Halloween Movie From the Random Screenshot?
☩ Are you or have you ever been an overachiever? ☩
Quiz...Which Cereal Mascot Are You?
Post a song with the word keep in the title

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