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Have you taken or will you take a vacation this summer?
<b>Do you find the cucumber to be a meaningless vegetable?</b>
OK  who is insulted by a very old  horse and man riding it?    I guess the USA    is getting so  weird that ONLY BLACK LIVES AND OPINIONS MATTER??  Jeesh  It is an old  monument  Some like it some don't GET A GRIP!!!
How lazy can you be?
Lets talk Ghosties and Ghoulies and things that go bump in the Night.
Do you check your horoscope?
Post a song with a country in the title
<b>Ever had a conversation where everyone ignored you?</b> <em>And then it's even worse when someone notices...</em>
If a nuclear war breaks out between The US and North Korea, there are American citizens who will lend online support to Kim Jong Un, while claiming to love America. How do you feel about these people? What should be done?
Where did we go wrong?
What have you started but never finished?
<b>How do you see God?</b> <em>I see God as a Universal Bouncer.</em>
What do you whistle when you are crop-dusting?
<b>Please name some staples you <em>must</em> have in your kitchen.</b> <em>Pickles, onions, garlic...</em>
<b>Please name an addiction.</b> <em>Cell phones - for one...</em>
Let's make you a lawyer. Would you rather defend those unjustly accused or prosecute those who <em>almost assuredly</em> deserve jail time?

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