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Ever Had An Ocular Migraine?
October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a perfect opportunity to tell you how proud I am of my daughter.  Do you have a friend or loved one with that extra chromosome?
What is the difference between freedom of speech and freedom of speech in the workplace?
🎸 Are you old enough to remember when music actually meant something? 🎸
How well do you know WWII slang?
The exploits of which criminal enterprise intrigue you the most?
<b>According to you, what are good ages to Vote, Drink, and go to War.</b>
💋 Oh the age-old question, at what point does a friend become a lover? 💋
What do you think about letting service dogs in restaurants?
☣️ Are you more likely to be hot and bothered or sweaty and annoyed? ☣️
When is it a good time to think before you act?
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👁 Do you believe eyes are the windows to the soul? 👁
In Politic's there is a lot of mud slinging but what I want to know is this. When someone is dissing a whole sector of People Lib's/Con's , why do you (if you do) take it personally and take offense ? I have no Dog in this fight :)
🏎 Is it true that nothing says midlife crisis like an old guy with a ponytail driving a sports car? 🏎
Are you completely certain, that your neighbors know, that you are a pervert?
Post a song about the "bummer" days of life.
Post your favorite Musical Broadway song.
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Post your favorite song(s) you used to dance to in high school.
A salad with what dressing? <em> you like control of the dressing?</em>
What's something you've always wanted to say, but never had the chance to?

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