Most Favourited Questions
Find out your friends' opinions
The answer is 'ridiculously large'.Whats the question?
At what point do you believe a study on a topic?
What do you only own one of?
I like big <u>_</u>____
What would you hate to find dirty in your hotel room?
Name something you'd be embarrassed to find has a hole in it.
What's a skill you would like to brag about?
How often do you need time alone?
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Today I gave myself a  treat for lunch  had a lobster salad roll.
What's an annual event you do not look forward to?
Which item really frustrated you the first time you tried to use it?
Post a song about a killer.
What would you like in your backyard/garden
Nothing must obstruct the eyes, nose, or mouth – or cause dark shadows for the photograph. MTO  may ask that a customer remove his or her eye glasses if they obstruct the customer's eyes or nose. The customer cannot wear sunglasses or photo-gray glasses (corrective or regular) for the photo...WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE TOP PHOTO ABOVE? Rules and Rules?
What was the last thing you bought a ticket for?
Do you have a favorite TV series that you look forward to each week?   Care to share?
I'll take the daily double Alex for 500.... Who hates America more?
Be careful what you wish for... Russian ****  A man is at a bar. He sees a good looking woman, but she's a little older. Maybe in her 40s. He goes up to her and starts a conversation. Halfway through she seems interested and asks an interesting question. She asks how he feels about a little mother-daughter action.  The man is intrigued. She is nice enough by herself, but her daughter must be amazing. He agrees and they go back to her place. They enter the house and go upstairs. The lady knocks on a bedroom door and gently whispers:  "Mom, are you awake?"
What kind of car did you take your drivers test in?
Have you ever viewed the moon through a telescope?

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