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💄 Which of the female species is the deadlier?  💄
Would you volunteer to take a one way trip to another planet?
<b>After you log onto Amirite...where do you head?</b>
Please post a sentence containing the word "arms" however replace the word "arms" with the word underpants. Thanks.
🐇 Santa Claus VS Easter Bunny: Who is the most obnoxious? 🐇
<b>Do you spend more money on what you need or what you want?</b> <em>Please don't say "it depends" either do or you don't...</em>
<b>Are you charming enough to distract a conversation that you don't want to happen?</b>
Quiz: What Kind of Easter Egg Are You?
🐛 Does anyone here own a Quad? <em>I am thinking about buying one for the summer.</em> 🐛
What kind of defenses do you put up around yourself when it comes to letting others in?
<b>Would you turn down a chance to travel First Class?</b>
What was the last simple thing you did or experienced...that you managed to completely over complicate?
Do you have a story of "When animals attack" ?  (if not feel free to just make one up)
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
What is a book that you've read in its entirety more than once?
<b>Let's play: Never Have I Ever.</b> Making up for the fact that it's not as much fun online...please <b>name</b> something <b>$exy.</b> <em>Never have I ever...made <b>love</b> in an airplane.</em>
🍫 Are your blood-chocolate levels unusually high this week? 🍫
<b>What's the primary reason people make good choices?</b> <em>Is it environment, education, personality, or just general destiny?</em>
<b>Guys: What would you say if another guy invited you to the bathroom?</b> <em>Girls do it ALL the time.</em>
What is the most annoying noise, in your opinion?
🕰 When was the last time you had a reminder that life could be over sooner than you think? 🕰
What is one thing you will never do again?

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