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🌎 Does anyone still use road maps? <em>You just google every location right?</em> 🌎
Why do you give compliments?
🌾Are you one of those rare people that can jump out of bed and be ready to take on the world without any medication?  🌾
😲 A friend drove her car over the edge of a cliff and into a river but survived without a scratch last night. Do you have any close-call driving stories you wish to share?  😲
<b>Would death solve all your problems?</b>
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Where you live, is it common for strangers to greet each other on the street?
What do you whistle when you are crop-dusting?
Do you often interact with foreigners in your everyday life?
What do men think they know more about than women?
πŸ”¨ Are you creative at fixing things? πŸ”¨
Are we living in an interesting time?
<b>Are you more scientific or creative?</b> <em>More left-brain than right?</em>
Do you have any funny signs to share?

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🎢 Do you consider yourself a music snob? 🎢
Do you often struggle to sleep? Or can you usually sleep easily?
😞 I just reported a guy on Twitter for making depraved sexual tweets about a 14 year old. Have you ever had to do anything like this? 😞
<b>Tell me what it means to be: American, Canadian, British, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Finnish, whatever you are...</b>

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