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How about we put the number of members controversy to rest. It's simple. Let's have a ROLL CALL!!!  Signify by typing "HERE"...and make this the POTD so everyone can see it
So this is what the fashion world thinks men should be wearing in 2017?
☠ I have always had an irrational fear of fainting in a public place. Do you have any similar 'public' fears? ☠
Why can't you trust people anymore?
New Years Resolutions!!! Why would someone take all year long to change or add something to their lives? ...... Do you have a New Years Resolution?
💥 Have you ever been disliked by association? 💥
🎭 How is your new years resolutions looking so far? 🎭
🤦🏼‍ Do you think in this day and age men have a social responsibility to ensure their female acquaintances make it home safe at night? 🤦🏼‍
Ever been fired right before Christmas?
🤤 Name something you find really hard to do while drunk or high? 🤤
Has your life ever fallen to pieces. If so do you ever revisit those times in your life?
🕷 Ever feel oddly liberated once you fully realize there is absolutely nothing holding you down? 🕷
Is Christmas Just A Single Day To You, Maybe Two, If You Count Xmas Eve, Or Is It More Of A Season To You?
<b>You know that TV channel that presents a Fire Log endlessly burning?</b> I want a channel with bacon ceaselessly frying...yum, yum.... <em>What would you like an ongoing channel of...?</em>
Have you ever Created your own Social Network Site ?
🦅 Is there any such thing as a 'full-bred' American?  🦅
<b>Do you have any expectations of Amiriters for 2017?</b> <em>Why yes...I expect stories... While Yes and No answers are fine...adding a Story makes your Comment interesting...and tells us a little about you - the person we'd like to get to know better...</em>
You are tucked all way in bed when you hear something fall in the middle of the night,what do ya do?
💞 Do you believe that double standards for men are just as bad as for women? 💞
All we heard for months was Hillary's emails, day in and day out, even though nothing was in them that went against our national security, even costing her the election.  And here is Trump agreeing with a known **** offender, Julian Assange, wanted in Sweden, indicted by the U.S. Government, who stole classified intelligence causing deaths of some of our military, and Trump is defending the Russian hacking, even going against our own CIA and many other intelligence agencies....and he will still become president.   I'm sure most of his supporters are wondering why they ever voted for this man.   He is the most crooked person/president our country has ever known.  We all should be very worried about the next four years, if our country even survives.   I say let's LOCK HIM UP!!!!!
🃏 Can you ignore your way out of just about any situation? 🃏

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