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Have you or do you know of anyone that has taken steroids to enhance their bodies.  It's my understanding that it can cause mood swings, maybe that's what has happened to some Amirites, nice one day, and meaner than a snake the next day.   What are your thoughts?
<b>Do you have a mini-obsession or idiosyncrasy?</b> <em>My sister <b>cannot</b> go to bed unless <b>all</b> her dishes are done....</em>
Be honest with yourself. If you saw somebody being mugged. Would you do something about it? How about if somebody was abusing a child or an animal? Would you put your life on the line to defend others? I would.
Post a favourite song that mentions a real person
<b>When you make a mess, who cleans it up?</b>
<b>How do you feel about your partner's driving?</b>
<b>YouTube. How do you know what to search for?</b> <em>Like, please give me some music I might like?</em>
You probably want to die doing what you love best... and what would that be?
Clean up on Aisle 5.   Have you ever made a mess at a grocery store, where they called for cleanup?   What happened?
Are people you interact with in the online environment real to you?  Or in your eyes does their existence tend to cease the second you log out?
<b>Before we take the plunge...does bacon, chocolate, and sugar really go well together??</b> (hmm)
Trying to resolve an issue for a member...Any of you who use tablets , have you ever had any problems logging into Amirite and if you did , how did you resolve it please ?
Have you ever been pulled over by the Police?
<b>If you really love someone; how does the love stop?</b>
Who is the nicest Amiriter?
📺 If you avoided TV for your entire childhood, do you think you would grow up to be a better person?   📺
What is the silliest thing that you have ever lost?
Wouldn't it be nice if we could really give honest answers to interview questions: Interview Question #8 How do you handle stress and pressure?
☠️ Do you, could you live in a haunted house? ☠️

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