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Find out your friends' opinions
How gullible are you? Wait, think again!
Do you have a personal "Bucket List"? If so, which usual popular choice is definitely NOT on your list?
What don't you have the patience for?
Will you be active on Amirite for the next 6 years? I don't recognize anyone on this list...
Your phone rings. There's a knock at the door. You get a reply to one of your Amirite comments or PMs. Your dog needs to go outside... all of these things happen at the same time. Which do you respond to first?
Would you rather not be able to use your voice at all or only be able to shout at the top of your lungs anytime you say anything?
What is one thing that you worry about more than most people do?
What is perfection in a glass?
Did you read that Clint Walker died at age 91? He lived not that far from me. Always watched Cheyenne and still do!
Quiz! All these namby pamby personality tests and horoscopes give sweet, caring answers that just pour on the compliments. This is not that kind of quiz. What is your TRUE MEANING?
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The question isn't will London fall, it's Will the  U.K burn?
What is this camel saying?
This strange wolf-like animal shot in Montana.  What am I?  Is this a coywolf?  Something else? What say you?
What's the most expensive thing you have held in your hand?
Hulk vs Superman: Who You Got?
Do you fear or embracing aging?
Name A Threat Your Parents Used Against You As Coercion Tactic When You Were A Kid That You Learned Later On In Life Was Complete Rubbish
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What's the most delicious junk food you have ever eaten?
Are you irked to realize that some people will end up mentioned in <del>history</del> theirstory books one day?
Sweet dreams, weird dreams or nightmares: when you sleep which do you usually experience?

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