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Bible Series Question 2: Why didn't God know that Adam and Eve would eat from the tree of knowledge, and what did he mean by man has become like "us"?
🌞 Are you prepared for spring and summer? Swimming pool clean? Barbecue scrubbed? Bought a new bikini yet? 🌞
🍭 Is there something you immensely enjoyed as a young child that you recently discovered you still love? 🍭
Are you <em>absolutely sure</em> you're looking for someone to shake up your life?
Misunderstood song lyrics can be pretty damned funny!
In an ideal world what would you be doing for a living?
If you could make anything bigger,what would it be?
Are Truth and Beauty the same thing?
I like people who fart when they laugh and burp when they eat... you, too?
Are You A Little Bit Country Or Are You A Little Bit Rock & Roll?
Could you make yourself a believable FBI agent?
Please Fill In The Blank: "And When I Get Excited, My Little China Girl Says-- <u>_</u><u>_</u><u>_</u><u>_</u>____"
Ever come close to hitting a hole-in-one, running a table playing pool, drinking a quart of Jack in one sitting or bowling a perfect game? What have you done that would amaze us?
Make a clever phrase with the letters of your user name.
What is the point of your employer knowing anything about your personal life?
If you are a frequent an airport that you find has the best service?
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To what would you like to devote more time?
What is one silly misconception that people have about you that you?

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