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Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Why are certain trees more hostile than the others?
Are you a forest bather?
What has been keeping you from giving up?
What do you hate to be interrupted while doing?
Have you ever received a blackmail letter from a hammer?
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Why did we bomb Dresden during WW2?
Where you live now - - is it very far from where you were born?
<em>Do you</em> get <em>Syria?</em>
Did you know that Argentina has a law for the age of it's state workers that allows women to retire at 60 and men have to wait until they are 65?
What would you like as your next meal?
Which of your 5 senses gives you the most pleasure when fully stimulated?
What's your weirdest food craving?
Why are sausages always looking at me sideways?
Art?  Activism?  <em>Disgusting!</em>
What is your most indispensable possession and why?
What's your favourite thing that comes in a can?
I know you called Ghostbusters, but did your parents ever warn you about playing with that Ouija board? So, they did. Yeah, you are completely **** now. Both ways and sideways with a really weird docking angle.
Google Chrome is scanning the files on your computer and Android phones track your every move.  How concerned are you about consumer surveillance/tracking and your privacy?
Good for Trump!! I wish Trudeau would secure our borders, instead of letting in criminals.

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