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What's the dumbest thing you have spent money on?
😥 One of my accounts online has been hacked. Password changed. Has this ever happened to you? 😥
Do you love being alive?
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What's something you wish you had never watched?
What is your favorite fairy tale, if politics don't count?
If your alarm clock could wake you up with spoken words, what would it say?
What do you like to do on a Saturday?
Death? Any ideas?
LUST, GLUTTONY, GREED, SLOTH, WRATH, ENVY, PRIDE Which of the seven deadly sins have you committed?
<b>Your body.</b> <em>Which is the first part that goes?</em>
<b>Please give a pic or name your favourite car...</b>
What is your food of choice in a food fight?
There's something sexy about a woman with long hair wearing a ball cap.
Evacuating the whole planet starts in two days. Are you prepared?
On a lighter note...Do <em>you</em> still sleep with a teddy bear?  🐻
<b>This many people are thinking about you?</b>

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