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<b>Can you come up with a Question combining Religion, Politics and possibly $ex...</b>
Why are we allowed to have pets when slavery is illegal?
Your children beg you to stop smoking because they love you and they want you to live forever... but still you smoke. Why?
What is your most treasured possession?
Neighbors helping neighbors....when a neighbor helps another neighbor is just a simple thank you enough or do you reciprocate in some way, with either baked goods, or helping them in some way, etc?
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Which social customs do you think are dying out?
Have you ever had a crush on an online"profile"?
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<b>Are you the Manager or President of Anything?</b> <em>Are we too hung up on titles?</em>

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What's the highest/drunkest statement you ever made?
<b>If Amirite had a book, what might the title be?</b>
Have you ever had to tell someone the obvious?
How much do you like cats?
Because of the sound of your voice you've been hired to be the spokesperson for which product or service?
What is the biggest hit album the year you were born? Mine is 1963's West Side Story Soundtrack
What are some misconceptions about your hobby?
What is your favorite gas?
What's your favorite video game lately?

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