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Samba Pa Ti ... Oye Como Va ... Corazon Espinado .... A tribute to one of my favorites ... Mr. Carlos Santana ...  Let's post some Santana songs.
2017 is winding down and looking back we lost so many great artists this year ... Tom Petty was by far the greatest lost for me ... Let's post songs honoring those wonderful artists we lost in 2017.
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My New Years resolution is to truly listen more before I speak. To have the moral bravery to point out the wrong. And to honestly attempt to care about the problems of others that I consider trivial.  How about you?

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We all have had a crush on our teachers. There's no point in trying to deny that fact. Who was she/he and why? I was fourteen and she was teaching Finnish... With a black leather jacket and tight jeans... Damn it. I should've tried my luck with her... Oh, who needs Viagra now, whoopee!
Wild card week-end coming up! I always thought these were the best games.                                                                                                                     es .       e. Any favorites for you?
What do you do in stressful times when you have deadlines, how do you organize yourself, how do you keep yourself disciplined and most importantly how do you reduce your stress?
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Ever had thundersnow?
What do you think about the head transplant surgery that was supposed to be done this December? Do you have any hopes for it?
Who's looking forward to the 2018 World Cup, and who do think will win it all?
What kind of 'How to' book would interest you the most.
Merry Christmas to all the pets! Don't forget them...they need love too! xoxo
Angelo Branduardi-Merry we will be Happy Christmas.

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What'd you get for Christmas?
Well, we're down to four teams in the playoffs. Who's going to the Super Bowl?
Do you like to share food?
What's your favorite junk food (doesn't have to be candy)?
Who was at the door the last time you pretended to be out?
Have you ever done Yoga with any sort of regularity?  Or do you just like the pants?
We all have our critics in life,but sometimes the hardest person on us is our own selves <strong>Amirite?</strong>

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