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What scent would you most like to bottle?
Is it time to change the definition of rape?
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan  threatens Conquest, really?
Why aren't you living in New Mexico already?
What do you plan on doing for the betterment or detriment of Earth and/or mankind within your lifetime?
If you are going for an operation/procedure...would you watch the YouTube?
What makes you Happy??
What,if anything,from the 2010s will people romanticise about?
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My first stupid question, but I'm interested in thoughts and opinions.  Why do we even NEED a President?
And who shall win this court case? Transgender Files $50,000 Complaint Because Muslim Woman Refuses to Wax ****
Is the US losing respect among the international community, or more to the point, should we care? Do you think, overall tariffs will help the US or hurt it?
What if the writers rewrote Scarface and took out racism, bigotry, corruption and violence from the movie, would you still want to watch it? BTW, the gif is one of the best lines in the movie.
What's the Best Advice You Have Gotten?
Which part(s) of a pig won't you eat?

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