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🍵☕ Have you ever had coffee so strong that you see noises? 🍵☕
💩👌 So who is the black sheep in your family? 💩👌
🦅  How much do you actually know about America?   🦅
🌋 Don't you love places that make me realize, how tiny you and your problems are? 🌋
<b>What do you notice about people?</b> <em>What they are wearing? Their physical attributes?</em>
Which do you prefer? And why... Car, Truck, SUV, Van or Other?
Tight pants (or shorts), do you like to see them?
What compliment would you like to hear?
Don't Let Bitter, Unhappy People Drag You Down.....
You Have Two Choices Only...Do You Want To Be Under ISIS Terrioists Laws or President Donald Trump Laws?
What would be your weapon of choice in a one on one Life or Death situation ?
Some people wash their dishes as soon as they're done eating. Some people throw their dirty dishes away and buy new ones. Most people are somewhere in between. Take this quiz to see if you're a chore master or a dirty disaster. Quiz: How Good Are You At Chores?
You Can Give A Person Knowledge, But You Can't Make Them Think. Some People Want To Remain Fools, Only Because The Truth Requires Change.
One of my good friends here on Amirite, asked me to list the good & bad that Honorable Justin Trudeau has done since he became PM October 19th 2015. (see explanation)
Liberals Attack First Lady Melania Trump for Reciting The Lord's Prayer. Your thoughts?
What Would Matter Most To You If You Were Ordered To Evacuate Your Current Location And You Were Only Given A 30-Minute Notice To Do So?
Would You Like To Swim With Dolphins or Have You Already?
DO YOU LIKE BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY?  If so, please post some pictures you like.
2017 Wrestling Deaths
Today is President's Day and Guess What The Radical Liberals Are Doing?
Post a song with the word oceans in the title

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