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☠️ How do you plan on scaring kids this Halloween? ☠️
☮️ What would you do if we were all locked up in a room together? ☮️
I love the sound of<u>_</u>___?
How ironic and hypocritical is it when SOME righties on this site are always dissing the news media, i.e. CNN, MSNBC, etc. of fake news when what they are reporting is coming straight out of Trump's mouth, but when they think they have found some dirt on Hillary or President Obama, on a news media that no one has ever heard of, then that news is fine with them.     Even make posts about it.  lol    In case they haven't heard, Obama isn't president anymore and Hillary lost the election and people with common sense have moved on.   Get a grip people, if you love Trumpo so much why aren't you posting about all the good things he has done....oops, you can't because he hasn't done anything good for our country.   Not amirite, I AM RITE.   lol
<b>I like people but...:</b>
I have to make an appointment for an Ultrasound for my liver, gallbladder, aorta and lower intestines. Am I going to be one greasy man after all that?
This is great news, a special place of honor for a great president, President Barack Obama.
<em>Is there a "coolness" factor with using abbreviations?</em>
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Just when we think Trump can't do anything inhumane again.....he comes up with something worse. Every day he does something that divides our country even further. For instance: (1) Trump should have kept out of the NFL kneeling episode and it would have all gone away. (2) Puerto Rico....picks a fight with the mayor of San Juan when all she did was beg for food. Tells the Puerto Ricans they should be doing more, he doesn't realize they are still without power or clean water, their roads are wiped out, therefore they can't travel to places where they can get food or water. (3) Picks a fight with Senator Corker, just like a bully he comments on the man's ridiculous is that. (4) Picks a fight with a Senator McCain, a war hero, who has served his country most of his life, while Trump sat out the war with 5 deferments, made money and sat on his butt and watched Johnny Carson. And now, again he's threatening Senator McCain, an 81 year old man, with terminal brain cancer. How uncaring Trump is....and now the latest....(5) Didn't acknowledge those four soldiers who were killed in Niger until 12 days later, and only because a reporter asked him about it. He was playing golf the day one soldier was brought home to the States. Didn't call any of those families who had lost their loved ones, but lied about President Obama and President Bush, saying they never called families either, which was a blatant lie. (6) is being sued again for sexual assault, (7)) And now because he was forced to he made a call to a grieving widow, mother of two and pregnant with her third child, didn't even know the soldier's name. See video! When will the Republicans step up to the plate and do something about this president who has no idea how to be a president, before it's too late.
Okay Trump's time to list President Trump's Achievements. I've listed some, do you have any to list?
🌹What incident changed your personality? 🌹
🌺 Did you have a over-protective father growing up? 🌺
Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon...No matter how good you are, the bird is going to $hit on the board and strut around like it won anyway.
FBI Learned Clintons Profited from Obama-Approved Nuke Deal with Russia. Now, THERE's the Russian connection everybody should've been looking for.
What are some of the better decorations you have seen so far this Halloween?
🐭 What kind of students do teachers dislike the most? 🐭
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Civil War Reenactors Targeted with Pipe Bomb “We're historians. We're not hate groups.”
<b><em>Should you change?</em></b>
Has Trump grown a mustache?   Too bad he can't grow some brains.

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