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Hi,... friends. How are you ?
<b>It's like <em>Canada</em> isn't even acknowledged or recognized as a Country...</b> <em>How or Why is this?</em>
How do you stop birds from flying into the windows of your home, trying to get inside?   Any suggestions as to how to stop them?
If you had the choice to win 2 million or 160 million euro. Which one would you choose? Think about the consequences of both.
Yah But, Can It Beat Sushi?
What's your favorite breed of dog?
πŸ€– Have you ever suffered from crippling social anxiety? πŸ€–
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You like poetry, <strong>amirite?</strong>
How many raccoons can you make love to inside an ice cream van?
πŸ‰ Do you sometimes feel like a moving target? πŸ‰
πŸ¦„ Do you know any odd looking couples? πŸ¦„
Men/Women:   Will you be buying a new bathing suit this summer?  Post some that you like.
Why does this Site lose actual people, but gain Socks? (Here is the list)
Are You Watching The CSPAN This Morning To See The Health Care Bill Pass or Fail?
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Do you live in a big city? If so, do you feel safe? πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
<b>Do you hear the birds? It's harmonics; the birds are waking everyone for Spring.</b> <em>Still, we could get some snow...</em>
<b><em>Fortune</em> magazine has just listed it's 35 <em>Greatest Leaders of the World.</em></b> <em>Justin Trudeau is on the list.</em>
Does anyone here still believe Obama worked for Al Queda or Isis? SERIOUSLY???!!
Sib Hashian -- the drummer for the rock group Boston died after collapsing onstage Wednesday night. He was 67 ... Post a Boston song in honor of Sib. RIP Sib...
Can the members of Amirite get an update on whether this site is getting an upgrade or a new site altogether? What's going on?
🎸 Music fans: Do you ever buy reissued albums? 🎸
What is the worst possible outcome from having a faulty pitchfork?
If you were transformed into a machine, what machine would you like to be?

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