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It seems that most posts on review site are throwing a few members from here under the bus  ... anyone know why?
What can you never find when you need one?
My first response to seeing this article was 😅!  Then the import of it hit.  I've been following the various laws in other western nations that are stifling their citizen's ability to speak or otherwise express themselves freely.  And while their laws don't impact me, I find them concerning.  Restricting speech is a slippery slope, and this example proves just how ridiculous it can become.  I also know that there are those who would/will/do call for restrictions on our, as yet, free expression.  Your thoughts?
Couples who have different retirement dreams. What should they do?
Do you think women should be forced to have children?
Your favorite vacation spot... how would you like to live there year-round?
Do you believe this to be true
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P@@ping in public.
Due to budgetary restraints your local gov't requests each household to eliminate exactly one of the daily activities listed in the choice boxes commencing at noon April 1st of this year for any 24 hour period per week thereafter. Make your choice now.
Post a song with the word try in the title
Do you think that using electronic shocks on students (mentally or emotionally disabled) is a reasonable approach to "training" these children who have exhibited improper behavior?  This is the only school in the country that still uses this technique.
Check your mail for an invite to the Royal Wedding...
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Science fiction or science fact. Which interests you more?
Crazy weather.  Yesterday my husband was on his tractor rolling the lawn, today he's firing up the snowblower.   We have 2 inches of snow on the ground and expecting 6 more inches.   Yikes!
Kudos to all that are protesting against gun violence.   Tens of thousands are marching across this great nation of ours.
How much credit does the CIA take for not doing the dirty work, leaving it up to contracted mercenaries?

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