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Lets talk about Political Correctness. Do you agree with it or are you like me and think it is doing way more harm than good ?
Who wants to leave Sweet comments /gifs/images / vids on their Friends Profile pages on the New site ? , the way we did on Sodahead , the way so many sites choose the personal touch.  Now I need you to VOTE please  , so please make sure you VOTE Yes or NO because I need figures for the DEVELOPER of Amirite II .......thanks :)..........Ser]
πŸš— Do you do your own car repairs? If so, you must save a lot of money.  πŸš—
I think for a lot of people, their favorite thing about websites is being mad at people. Do we like the internet because we have a in-born need to be angry about something?
Is there too much pressure on young girls to get the perfect body....
Will you all wish our resident nutcase, a belated birthday Happy birthday Zonky..
Does you think it genuinely saddens a therapist when their client is sad? After-all they see so many people so how could they really care that much? <strong>Amirite?</strong>
Name one thing you love about the ocean.
A question for my Atheist friends on here  (I have total Respect in your choice not to Believe) Do those in your Life who Believe in God ever Pray for you at times when you maybe Suffering in some way and if they do how does that make you feel ?  Do you accept that they just wish to give you some kind of Comfort or does it make you feel uncomfortable ? You tell me what you feel.
HI Guys & Gals  I need everyone to know , no one can see your PM's if you are in PRIVACY mode , if you find you're not then you will find this in your settings and if you need further assistance then come find me and I'll give you a hand. :)
Are you alive?
πŸ’„ Which of the female species is the deadlier?  πŸ’„
Any horror film you have watched recently?
🐲 Does being pessimistic automatically make you more of a realist? 🐲
🀒 Horrible smells, they are everywhere. Apart from human smells, name some that you find really offensive? 🀒
β˜† At what point does one turn from regular internet user to internet troll? β˜†
πŸ‘½ Name something you would refuse to put in your mouth? πŸ‘½
I Love meeting New & Original members of Amirite , whether they've been on here since we joined or they have come back to give their Old Haunt the once over. I greet them with a *Smile* because I remember how awful it was wandering around a Site without my mates when OUR Community Sodahead was torn apart and we were all on various Sites *smh* it sucked.  So maybe if you spot an Original Amirite , you could say "hello" because you just might be making their Amirite experience a little better. :)
🌞 Do you ever use tanning beds? 🌞
Happy Birthday JanHaskell, one of the nicest ladies on Amirite.  Let's show her how much we respect and love her.
Don't you love it when someone loses 5 pounds and suddenly they become a fitness expert who wants to tell me how many calories my burrito has in it?

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