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I want an honest answer from Trump supporters.  You say you are tired of us criticizing <em>your</em> president.  But did you sit quiet when president Obama was in office?  Did you?  Please don't go through all the reasons you complained.  Just tell me if you did.  Last I checked, we are all <em>equally</em> entitled to our opinions and sometimes passionate criticisms.
Do you agree with anonymous posting...
How often do you down vote people and why do you do it...
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WTH? Are people that screwed up? Really? Fake camel toe. SMH
You have to fight someone to save yourself... Do you pick the streets or in the ring and why? ... Note: No weapons are allowed, just using your body.
Brrrr, it's cold outside.  How cold is it where you live?
What scares you the most about growing OLD?
When's the last time you just stood outside at night and gazed at the stars and moon?
Have or Had You Heard of 'Swatting', Before This Tragic Incident?
Post songs from bands that start with the letter S ...
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Let's pick the AFC and NFC champions ... What 4 teams will make it to the AFC and NFC champions and who will make it to the Superbowl? We know  Patriots and Eagles made it so far today.
I don't see any reason to expel  transgender people from  military services - BUT  I don't think it is  a good use of taxpayer dollars to  pay for gender change procedures.
What's a phrase that really irritates you?
What's your favorite Christmas Dinner? We all have our favorites!
Do you look cool in sunglasses?
What are some little things that annoy you?
Looking back on all your employment history, which one type of employment lent you the most satisfaction?
Are there certain people you could never feel sympathy for?

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