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Which Wizard of Oz character best relates to you?
Do you enjoy sharing your favorite music with other people?
Will they ever ban 70's/80's/90's Rock videos exposing sexy women? You know, for sexism reasons.
Comment with your favorite meme or gif about <em>anything</em>. The funnier the better 😁
What did we learn on Amirite today? Any lessons learned?
What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
What do you use every day that you haven't bought in a long time?
Do off-topic responses to posts you've submitted sometimes bother you, especially when the responses get <em><b>much</b></em>farther away from the original issue?
Do you do your research on a certain subject before posting your opinion/question?... or do you just make up shit and hope it sticks.
Time to Hate Women for a minute?
Tattoo cover-ups can be a really good way to feel less self-conscious of your scars ...
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Who would you hate to see naked?
Summer's around the corner with smoking campfires and acoustic guitars. Post some good ole campfire songs.
What was the last WILD animal you saw in person?
Do you have any creative hobbies?
Google Chrome is scanning the files on your computer and Android phones track your every move.  How concerned are you about consumer surveillance/tracking and your privacy?
Ever find an inspirational quote that suits you? Go ahead a post one.
What's the vegetation like in your area?
Ok ladies, there are 4 general butt shapes.  Which one do you have?

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