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Do you laugh out loud like I do when you see Trump supporters still posting about Hillary?  Really?  Do they really care about her or they just can't come up with great reasons to support Trump?
Vice President and his Wife Leave Colts Game.  Did they go to the game for the purpose of grandstanding by walking out?
How does this make sense? The guy on the ground, being beaten by the pro-nazi demonstrators in Charlotteville (viral video) was just charged with assault for fighting back?

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Game Time: Choose a name and post an adjective using the same first letter as in the name you chose, example: Anna = Amazing or Sarah = Sweet. Or John = Jolly. Ok?   Let's have some fun!
Anthony Weiner gets 21 months in prison for sexting a 15 year old girl. Fair?
Should Halloween Be Banned...Forever?!
Who is the most influential lead guitarist of all time
Ever Had An Ocular Migraine?
The exploits of which criminal enterprise intrigue you the most?
Don't you think it's time to dump Daylight Savings time? Kind of outdated if you ask me. What say you?
Hate him, dislike him, love him, Tom Brady is a class act.
How well do you know WWII slang?
How do Atheists explain the Bible codes found in the Bible referring to events that have occurred in recent history that read up and down like a crossword?
They are investigating the fires in California! Quite possibly arson. What do you think they should do if they catch them? My opinion would be totally biased, so please give me your opinions?

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I'm really surprised that Game of Thrones has never been a topic on this site. What do you think about the show? Do you like it?
What is the difference between freedom of speech and freedom of speech in the workplace?
Have you ever said "no hablo inglés" to avoid a conversation?
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
What completely mundane superpower would you like to have?
<b>According to you, what are good ages to Vote, Drink, and go to War.</b>
ANTIFA (far left radical liberals/progressives) Plan Nationwide Riots On Nov. 4th To Forcibly Remove Trump. Please call your congressman, senator, sheriff, mayor’s office and ask them: “What are you going to do to ensure these domestic terrorists don’t get away with harming more Americans?”

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