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Press the <em>ctrl</em> and the <em>f</em> keys in unison in order to get a search function at the bottom of your computer screen. Would you like to share some other useful keyboard tips with us?
Will you all wish our resident nutcase, a belated birthday Happy birthday Zonky..
<b>What would you like someone to ask you?</b> <em>A topic or perhaps a sample question, por favor.</em>

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Childhood shenanigans... we all got into something. What did YOU do? : )
According to 62% of Amirite, we are all created equal. (Click on Source for Sukies post)
<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/O4_5593-skQ?modestbranding=1&wmode=opaque&autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Are you difficult when it comes to moving to a new home or general environment?
Have you ever seen yourself on television or been told you were on television? What were the circumstances?
What activities do you prefer to do at night rather than in the daytime?
What’s the best thing about summer?
What kind of bikini is your favo<strong>rite?</strong>
<b>Which junk food might be helped by the addition of weed?</b>

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It’s the Weekend Gentleman and the Reverend is taking all the Amirite men on Sunset Strip to SEVENTH VEIL ... Gentlemen's nightclub. Post some strippers songs.
<b>Would you like to meet an alien?</b>
Who believes there really are aliens  and there waiting to reveal themselves

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What's the correct response to ' does my bottom look big in this?'
What are you most afraid of?
What is your reaction when someone around you farts? (say a friend or someone you know)
What are your thoughts on the world reading your diary after you're dead?
🌿Do you have a favorite location to sit and think?🌿
<b>We all care about what others think.</b> <em>On a scale from 1-10...what's your number?</em>

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