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Alphabetical Game on Dogs (canids, represented by the genus canines) - from wild dog species, like wolves, dholes, coyotes, foxes, jackals, etc., to more and less known domestic breeds.  Some info about the origins of the domestic dogs: <b>*</b><b> By the way, the hyena is not a real dog species, but a separate family: </b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b>* As usual, the game starts with letter A, followed by B, C, etc., till Z, and then continued from A to Z, etc. Links with information and pictures would be nice and don't hesitate to share information, references and links or ask for suggestions.  <b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b><b>*</b>**** I am starting with the Akita Inu.
Members have the option of blocking on this site. When you have that member blocked , you cannot see their posts in the Question/Opinion pages. So therefore their content is out of sight and the member is out of Mind or should be. I understand if content breaks TOS then it should be flagged but when it's just a members point of view you may disagree with , then to my Mind it's best just to avert your Eyes and do your own thing. <strong>Amirite?</strong>
Why do some of those who say we need more members, but then block members for petty reasons, making it less people to talk to..
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Amirite? Every Opinion Matters. That's Amirite's slogan ........ Why is it that some of us that are not Americans, should NOT have an opinion regarding  American politics?
What’s the point of posting a question if you have 60% of members blocked? Other than your friends commenting and agreeing, you’ll never have a good debate and you’ll never understand other members point of view.
Game Time:   Choose a name and post an adjective using the same first letter as in the name you chose, example:   Anna = Amazing or  Sarah = Sweet.   Or John = Jolly.   Ok?   Let's play tonight instead of
♋️Unless you are being paid for it, what is the point in posting naked pictures of yourself online?♋️
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Do you cry at weddings?
Remember when we were ALL friends *sigh* not so long ago my friends we were laughing together (you know I'm talking to you) what the **** happened ? You stood side by side for so long.
<b>You're <em>so</em> cute. It seems like forever that I've been fighting off being described as cute.</b> <em>What about you? Which adjectives would you prefer being called?</em>
Is it wise to post photos of your family on here or on any other social media site?   For security reasons, I would say NO!   What are your thoughts?
Are you happy with the site as it is, or are you just waiting for the changes....
We all have that one meal that we remember from our childhood...What was your special me & who made it?
What is the fattest fat & calorie filled food ya love to munch on?
Would Each Amirite Member Please Stop For A Moment To Mourn The Victims And Send Condolences To Their Loved Ones?
🐪 How do you tell someone that you're tired of their stupid opinions without seeming rude? 🐪
What would you rather be Miner or factory worker
So I like to have fun...Let's play a board or card game...You get to bring your favorite game & I will provide the snacks...What are we playing?
You have just been selected to stay in the wilderness for a week...How long could your survive before you said "Enough is enough, I am done"? Or could you make it the whole week?
<b>Do you talk politics or religion with family?</b>

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