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Questions and Brainteasers
Find out your friends' opinions
Do you have enough space between your ears?
Is it true, that cats never bark up the wrong tree?
Do you like black and white photos?  If so, post some of your favorites.
President Trump went on another golfing trip this past weekend.   It is estimated that he has spent $36 million dollars of taxpayer's money for his extravagant lifestyle since being in office.    And that's not counting the money spent on his family's vacations.   When will Congress step in and put a cap on his spending.   It's ridiculous!
The Great Erase: 15 Forgotten Comic Book Characters
Jean McClelland: Comic books still a superhero in the collectible world
Thrilling heroes of yesteryear featured in bank's comic book collection
✈️ Have you ever had a embarrassing experience on a plane or in a airport? 🛩
Post a song with the word teeth in the title
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Swedish man in court for eating bacon
10 key promises Trudeau has broken since becoming PM
United Airlines refuse to let two young girls board a flight wearing skin tight "leggings" or yoga pants
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Quiz: What Does Your Least Favorite School Subject Say About You?
Quiz: How's Your Vocabulary?
<b>Are you verbal during the day...but quiet in the bedroom?</b> <em>Or vice-versa?</em>
Quiz: How Should You Spend Your Day Off?
Name any two things that go well together.
Has anyone seen the newest king kong movie?
What is the stupidest thing you've ever done with a vehicle. ?.  10 min ago I drove into a Popeye's with my big box truck and tore the entire Awning off the side of their drive thru.. I mistakenly thought I was in my everyday Ford Expedition. I use both vehicles equally and was confused..
<b>Have you "friended" your parents on Facebook?</b>

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