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What if learning, rigorous learning, was a part of everyday life? How would it change us, our communities, our countries, the world?
How do smart people "find their level" in conversation?
It's Friday Night.  Where Does Yours Lead?
When I went to a friend’s Electric Funeral, I became totally Paranoid that I would meet Iron man. I couldn’t believe all the Dirty Women from Planet Caravan … Am I Going Insane? ….  Post songs of this band.
QUIZ:  How unethical are you really?
How does aspartame affect our bodies?
Are numbers real? And if not, what does that say about the world around us?
What is the best kind of biscuit, in your opinion. (No, I do not mean "cookies", ya damned furners)
I have an ethical question. Is it wrong to use placebos?
"What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?" Quiz.
Why are there so few female symphony orchestra conductors?
Can technology help with unconstructive arguments?
<b>Should you tell people you love them multiple times every day?</b> <em>Shouldn't it be apparent in your words and actions...like, what...they don't <b>know</b>?</em>
What else can you do in your head besides math?
For all amirite users....When did you have your first kiss?
How can we teach innovation in schools?
What is success?
What about you is hefty and sweaty?
Tourist drags swan out of lake for a selfie, reportedly leaves it for dead
If mathematics is the science of magnitude and logic the science of concepts is intuition the science of faith or vice versa?

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