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How will further space technology development will help the economy of any nation, especially fast growing nations such as India and China?
Do the Kennedy Center Honors rise to the level of a British Knighthood or the French National Order of the Legion of Honour?
What is the best time/place/position to read ? do you read on a desk or in bed or on the bus in your way back home ?
Can we extract intelligence from hackers/smugglers in a peaceful manner so that our society is more safer?
Do you have hope?
Does the Over Mind Theory Work?
Will lower cost rocket launches, announced by SpaceX, accelerate space exploration and development?
How much is enough? Given ecological footprint, trends in wealth and poverty and our collective history? Can the earth afford the rich?
Post a song with the word plan in the title
Life: What is the point in philosophy when we know we can't create a concept for life?
Would you eat a black whopper?
Must Be Friday (the 13th) Music Appreciation Evening
Have you ever been shot or stabbed ?

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