Random Questions
Find out your friends' opinions
What is the most motivational phrase you can come up with?
Post a song with the word broken in the title
If you have an Internet friend that behaves like a smack-azz one too many times on a site like this, do you say something to him or her in private?
Do you trust cops?
Russia begins airstrikes in Syria, but West disputes targets. Will the US and Russia successfully coordinate their efforts to fight ISIS, or will this degrade into a US / Russia conflict?
Is autism, or some types of autism, an evolutionary effect.
What book are you currently reading?
How does humor work?
What is HEALING to you?
It's not your stuff if you cannot hang on to it <strong>right?</strong>
Do we need to reduce conscious thought?
Are tougher laws the answer to reduce corruption? Or should we reduce our greed by becoming more spiritual?
Who Is Your Favourite Black Conservative?
Are you  antisocial or just really enjoy your own company?
Have you ever known someone who had their picture on a milk carton?

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