Random Questions
Find out your friends' opinions
In order to live a healthier life, you should probably stop eating/drinking certain foods/drinks. Which would be the last of those you would give up?
How do you usually harass your neighbors?
Have you been to any of the "Cutest Towns in Every State?
There is a movie opening in December called "La La Land" starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.  The reviews are coming in already and some are comparing it to another "Grease" with its dynamic feel-good music renditions. The movie is set in Los Angeles. So, do you think you will want to go and see this movie?
Can Gay Couples Open Carry AR-15s in Washington, DC As A Result Of Obergefell?
Remember that $150 Billion We Send To Iran In Obama's Sweet Deal?
Who is going to win the actual books or the ebooks?
What is your favorite milkshake flavor?
Everyday Carry
Have you ever mistaken a Muslim woman for a mailbox?
Are current MBA programmes out of date & how is knowledge kept up to date?
🐻 So, pandemonium doesn't involve a shit-load of pandas? Well that's just stupid. What other words do you wish had different meanings? 🐻
Self-help books, ever read them?
How do you know you have found your passion?
Could John Lennons' "Imagine" ever come true?
What's on your bucket list? What are some things that you want to do before you die?
Do you buy calendars, get them for free, or a bit of both?

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