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About me.
I'm a girl.
I'm 17.
I like to read.
I watch too much tv, mostly sci-fi.
I want to be a writer.
I like mountain dew.
I love learning about other cultures.
I am very religious.
Most of the time, I either like you or don't. There's not a whole lot of middle ground with me.

That's all I'm sharing with the world for now.

riri's Top 3


...Rory... (no)
Don't get me wrong. I love Rory. He's so cute.
But I'm a massive Amy/Eleven shipper, please forgive me.
I was a huge Rose/Ten fan too but now that they're both gone it was time to me to move on to a new fandom and... yeah.
DON'T JUDGE ME. (wary)

Haha. "Pedo zone" Where's Pedo_Bear when you need him?

I love the outfits they used in that episode. They looked so elegant and radiant, but I'll also keep in mind that I would probably fall over because it'd be so heavy! XD

Bahhh! Lucky! I've always wanted to do fun stuff like that but noooo, my neighborhood isn't nearly that fun... ;w;
Did you try on any corsets? I hear those are very uncomfortable... heh...

It's alright. Amy Pond is still ah-maz-ing.

I just googled Moffett and she looks so different from when she played Jenny! I was all "Woah, that's you?" But then I saw the resemblance and she is gorgeous. Tennant hit a lucky one, didn't he? XD

Yeah, it's true. The actress who played Reinette was really pretty and I thought she was perfect for the role. And a fantastic actress too! (goo)

She would. Kristen Stewart =/= good actress.

I just had a mind blow. I really wished Reinette would be able to come but you know Doctor Who. Like with Jenny, she was supposed to come but "died". And Reinette was gonna go but the Doctor was too late. Kinda like in the 11th hour when the Doctor was 14 years late for Amy.

I just saw pictures of Tennant and Moffett. That's wow. He looks a bit older than her, hey? But love knows no age difference...
It's still a bit weird for me though. Like, he was her 'dad' in the episode and looking at them now it feels a bit incestual. Heh... (wary)

He was going out with the actress who played Reinette in the episode of The Girl in The Fireplace at the time. Maybe that's why the kiss was so... real. Aha.

Kristen Whatsherface in The Hunger Games? OH LORD NO. (ono)
I hope not. The only expressions she knows how to make are biting the lip and stuttering. She's not a very good actress.

The Girl in The Fireplace was so emotional. A little too emotional. Somewhere in the back of my head I wished that Reinette would travel with them but I know that something would have happened to her anyway. I cried when he read the letter at the end.


And Tennant married her? Wow. That's... wow.
What's the actresses name?

And yes. I did it to be mean. I'm a mean person. (hello) (wary) (y)

The Hunger Games is being made into a movie? Hmm. I've never read it but I really want to! Some kid brought it out of the library though and never returned it so I'm doomed to buy myself a copy.
I hate that whole "obsessed fan" thing. I USED to like Twilight (notice the word USED -don't judge me- (wary) ) and when the movies came out I realized how stupid it was. I overlooked many things in the book (like when he sparkled or when Bella jumped off a cliff) and gradually I disliked it very much. It didn't help that crazy obsessed fangirls were squealing every 10 seconds. However, Twilight isn't mainstream like it used to be. Thank god.

I loved the episodes Blink, The Beast Below, and The Girl In The Fireplace. And let's not forget The Doctor's daughter! All of which made me cry. IKR, what a loser. XD

Oh well. Emoticons aren't that good anyway. (lolwut) (l) (angry) (no) (ono)

And yes, I did that for irony. :)

AHAHAHA. I just saw your new pro pic.

I don't have a copy of Inkheart, though. I can get one at the library. And I know! I hate when movies totally just don't follow the book whatsoever. -cough- Percy Jackson -cough- and it's really annoying when someone's all "OMG I KNOE EVRYTHING ABOUT____" and you're like "What's your favorite book" and they're like "IDK I ONLY WATCHD DA MOVIES." (no)

Speaking of cinema, what's your favorite Doctor Who episode?

You can't do emoticons? (hmm) Are you putting them in parenthesis or are you maybe just on the mobile site?

Blaine is played by a guy named Darren Criss and actually, he was part of this parody of Harry Potter called A Very Potter Musical. He played Harry and had the craziest hair, man. So after watching an episode of Glee and he appeared I felt so proud. Kinda like watching your child go off to college. :P

Haha, yeah! The doctor is really a trend setter, huh? I'm gonna be him for Halloween and my step-sister's gonna be Amy. :P

My vision isn't that bad either. It's all right, but I still need them to see the board at school. If I'm not at school I really don't need them. I don't wear contacts because my eyes are delicate and I can't imagine myself putting them in. (hmm)

Brittany is hilarious. Did you see last night's Glee where she was all "No! I know I'm pregnant because I saw a stork outside my window!" I was like, "Really? (no) " She and Artie make a good couple, I think. And Blaine is sexy. (l)

I understand that. (y) There are some crazy Potter fans out there, and I totally respect your opinion. I'm a HUGE fan of HP but I'm not crazy. Trust me.

Or am I? (wary) JK.

I remember reading the first book of Inkheart back in 5th grade but I can't even remember it anymore! People say it's good though. Should I try and get back into it? :]

Yes, but keep in mind it's hard to follow up a legend. I think he's doing an excellent job. :) Smith has the potential to become a legend too :D And besides, -shades- bowties are cool.

I'm supposed to wear them too. Although I left them at my step-sister's house and I have to wait to get them back :P I can't see the board at school now >,<

I used to think Glee was a glorified HSM until I actually watched an episode, and then I fell in love (l) My favorite character is Artie because he's so cute and nerdy and actually has a really good voice. Puck is second best, and then Lauren ('cause she's so sassy (hello) )

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? (Don't worry, I'm not one of those battering people who criticizes you if you aren't. I'm just curious :] )

Rose and Ten <3 *fangirl squeal* Adorable.
Who's your favorite Doctor?

...Tennant. I know, so stereotypical, but hey.
Smith comes at a close second though :)
I also wear glasses... WHICH ARE PURPLE :D
And Glee is amazing. And torchwood.
Nerds ftw

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