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About me.
hello, my name is Sally. I'm 14 years old which probably makes me younger than you and I really don't care. I am half English/half Danish and I live in Denmark. first off, let me tell you that I respect you until you give me reason not to.

life is not difficult, I believe it to be simple. some parts of it, anyway. I like simpicity, and I always try to express myself simply because I don’t think there's need for big words and metaphors all the time. and I definitely wouldn’t want anything going lost in communication because something I’ve said can be interpreted in 15 different ways, it just doesn’t seem logical.
I consider myself a realist but I'm not depressed which may contradict with what some think of a realist to be.
I dislike a lot of people, but I also love and admire a lot. I have an opinion about most things and I am always up for a good discussion (keyword being good). I am an atheist but I won’t ever tell you what to believe, so long as you do not tell me what I should believe. I find the fact that everything might just be a coincidence even more beautiful than the thought of there being a god. also, I have a lot of faith in the human mind, maybe even a bit of naivety.
reading, listening to music and watching films are some of my favourite pass-times. I would tell you my favourite books, musicians and films, but the list would get much too long to even keep track of. if I had any sense of creativity I would be a writer, but alas, I don't and thus have no idea what I want to do for a living. I kinda want to be a pilot because I'd like to fly but I doubt that I'll ever be able to afford an education as a pilot.
my avatar is a portrait Jean-Michel Basquiat did of Andy Warhol and I think it's genius.

I hope you’re happy, and that you have a nice day.
-my account. Friend me or whatever, if you have one.

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Haha it's ok I'm kind of the same way. I actually think it's more of my fault with because of my last three worded message. So I'll take the blame.

Oh I see. :)

I'm not fond of Texas either. When I transfer schools within the next year or two, I'll be going to Florida or Arizona. Crossing my fingers for Florida though :)
Oh Which one would you have picked?

Oh! I'm sorry I hadn't realized you replied. :o

I'm American, from the city Chicago. I live in Texas now though.

I had a science teacher who would travel around the world to see different science museum. He visited the Experimentorium (sorry if that's wrong) I believe he said it was in Denmark. Have you ever been to that one? Or is it too far as well?

Oh I love all three. :) I like most music as well. I like to read because sometimes I can live vicariously through the lives of the characters and momentarily forget my own. I enjoy movies, but I completely agree with you, it's gotta leave an impression. Hmm other than painting I would have to say school. That's taken up a lot of my time, but now that I'm on a month long break I'll probably do some volunteer work, hang out with friends, and cook I love cooking. :)
What do you do in your free time?

Well for now they're just lying around. The only thing I've ever used them for was art school portfolio. I just wanted to see if I could get in. Other than that, I'm wayyy to critical of my work to let people see any more. Haha.
So it says you like music, books, and movies. What are your favorite genres?

Haha anything I can draw inspiration form really. Lately I've been into taking famous art works and trying them in another artist's style. Interesting outcome, I think it's a fun idea.

I love to paint. It's a hobby of mine.

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