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i have no ambitions

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i have no life

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i'm already dead

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do nothing

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Your posts are great, I lol'd at almost all of them :)

And, yeah, I didn't think he was gay - even though you can't really tell, he didn't have a "vibe" about him. And, yeah, he kept insisting he could take his drink, even though he was quite drunk, so I made him take a taxi home, and he called me the next day to say thanks, and I'm like "It's alright bro" but he insisted on saying thanks in person, so we went to a local shopping centre and just hung out for a while, and eventually it came up in conversation.

I've dated Europeans before - an Italian, a French-Australian, and some Hungrarians, so I /kinda/ am sorta used to what could be mistaken as agressiveness, like his opinion on worker's right and welfare and all (lol, we were in the food court and he was practically shouting), so yeah.

And, since he met me while I was wearing a fast food uniform and doing a 14 hour shift, I think that's probably me at my worst, so my appearance to him would be all uphill from there (y)

And, no, it's not legal. Civil partnerships are legal in some states, Victoria I know because I've been to a couple there, and some other states that I don't remember.

Yeah, it's cool. Do you have an email address? Or are you going to shut off all contact til I jump on the bandwagon?

And we're still kinda in the dating stage - I've been over his place a couple time, but nothing's happened yet [read: ****], mostly because of his roommates. But, yeah, just having fun meeting up in public, mostly just playing pool in those crappy bars where they don't even have all the balls, and he's been telling me poker, and I've been teaching him how to waltz and shite (don't ask).

His name is Aleks, and I met him while I was working - he and a couple mates came in drunk (we always get Eastern Europe people come in drunk) and I kept giving them directions, but they kept coming back because they were lost.(LOL TRUE LOVE)

It's difficult, with the gay thing, I usually meet my boyfriends/** partners through friends - a group of us would go out one night, and whoever wanted to go would, and we'd usually go to a gay bar (The Beat or Sporties), but I rarely meet guys in bars - usually it's a friend of a friend stich. Added layer of difficultity for me being trans, because there's no real good way or right time to say "BTW, I have a vagina" in a conversation, but chances are if they're friend-of-a-friend, they might know - or some ** has already told them.

But, yeah, with Aleks, we went to some pub after work (I don't usually go out to places in my home suburb - usually just in the city) and got talking. [CONTINUED]

Yeah. It didn't rain for a couple days, but it's started up again now.

But it's still kinda the aftermath, like, I work at a fast food restaurant, and all our suppliers and factories are underwater, so we kept running out. McDonalds shut for a day, which is like SUPER CEREAL because they're 24 hour, and don't even shut for Christmas. And, yeah, people are going nuts in the supermarkets, the power keeps going on and off, and we won't have drinking water in a while, so my parents had to go to over 10 supermarkets to stock up on bottled water. My room is full of cartons of long-life milk.

And, people are getting worried about looters. A while ago, when Hurricane Tracey hit, there wasn't really a law, per say, but kinda "We'll turn a blind eye" - to shoot looters on sight, and people think that'll be put in place soon. The mayor of Ipswitch has already said anyone caught looting in his town, he'll use their bodies as flood markers.

But, yeah, it's nothing compared to the people who were actually in the floods, and still don't have homes.

What happened on the Golden Globes?

Story that I thought you might appreciate - A few days ago, a guy I know (not really friends with, but more to the fact I rarely see him - he's not an **** or anything), he and his band played at some private hall someone rented out. I wasn't there, but they played a cover of London Calling, which as you probably know is about the Thames River flooding and people in London drowning. Except he changed it to "Brisbane Calling". Apparently people were super-pissed, and the guitarist got a couple bottles thrown at him from a car when he walked home.

OH NO YOU HAVE IT ON CAMERA! The goat was a willing participant, I swear!

Nah, it's cool. I just wasn't ready to put up a link until I put more stuff on it, and changed it from the default layout.

And, yeah, I've never had a Facebook or Myspace or anything, so until this site, I used to laugh at the idea of Internet stalking. But suddenly there's users who I go through their recent comments and crap all the time.

It's great that you got an A. I still would have said something earlier, though.

WTF where do you find my blog?

My Zhu Zhu Pet scares me. His name is Romper Stomper, and he always turns on when I'm asleep. I'm scared I'm gonna wake up one night and he's putting his **** in my mouth.

LOL Something similar happened in an episode of Becker or something, some guy was doing a test at the end of years of medicine, and someone asked him if they could borrow a pencil, and it made him answer every questions on the scantron test one line down from where he should have.

But, yeah, awesome that they worked that out. Did you ever spot anything earlier? I remember once me and my mate got a test back, and we'd answered one question the some answer, yet mine was marked right, and his wrong, so we told the teacher, because we thought it was right, to get his marked properly, and it turns out our answers were wrong, and my score went down.

What is your tumblr? I wanna read your lame thoughts and pictures.

Ah, that's cool. So what's happening in Hungary lately?

Yeah, just I was flipping through some international news stations, and it was mentioned on a couple US ones. Also, my state got declared a disaster zone last night, and it was on the US news before it was on ours.

So, how've ya been?

Yeah. Is it really that international? I think only 3/4 of the state is flooded, where I am is alright. Thanks for the concern.

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