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About me.
hii. i like stuff. do you? yay we have things in common. :)
heres a little bit about me:

Favorite toy: Nintendo 64
Favorite sport: Ballet
Favorite book: The obvious HP and HG, anything by jodi picoult, the last lecture by randy pausch, a mango shaped space, the time traveler's wife
Favorite movie: 10 things i hate about you
Favorite Disney movie: lion king
Favorite character: dug from UP
Favorite author: J.K. Rowling, jodi picoult, louis sachar
Favorite song: everybody talks by neon trees, i dont want to miss a thing by aerosmith, or best song ever by wallpaper.
Favorite artist: bruno mars
Favorite band: neon trees
Favorite thing to do with friends: eat
Favorite thing to do with family: watch tv
Favorite thing to do with adults: talk
Favorite thing to do alone: cook, dance, draw
Favorite class: biology
Favorite color: purple
Favorite video game: super smash brothers
Favorite holiday: christmas
Favorite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite actress: Natalie Portman
Favorite poster: the harry potter and ballet and simpsons posters in my room
Favorite website: amirite, facebook, twitter
Favorite music genre: 80s
Favorite book genre: realistic trashy fiction
Favorite movie genre: horror or chickflick
Favorite tv show: Ooh, so hard to choose. Greys anatomy, desperate housewives, antm, house, top chef, make it or break it, DANCE MOMS
Favorite food: pasta
Favorite drink: ginger ale
Favorite meal: pasta
Favorite breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes
Favorite dessert: cake or frozen yogurt or fruit
Favorite day of the week: tuesday usually
Favorite time of day: late at night
Most beautiful woman: blake lively
Most beautiful man: heath leger
Favorite place: my bed
Favorite style: jeans and a t
Favorite car: punch buggy
Favorite object: my phone
Favorite flower: daisy
Favorite animal: giraffe
Favorite emoticon: :)
Favorite city: boston
Favorite kind of weather: thunderstorm
Favorite Hershey's product: Reese's

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helloooo i decided that i want to be a sea otter when i grow up. will you support me in my pursuits?

a little bit of everything haha. any tips?

yesshhh ;D I love getting that sore feeling after hours of dance. what kind of dance do you do?

I love it when people prompt other users to message them, I've been trying to think of one... I just love getting notifications! :>

wait, I'm stupid. I meant "that's so clever!" or something like that.

oh my god, i totally agree!

hii, what's the Shea statementttt?



i was unaware of your slightly asymmetrical curve. however i was aware of your kiwi allergy (elohel) and breaking your arm falling off a couch (lololololololol how do you do that?) ILL SEE YOU IN AUGUST! have an amazing time at the hp7p2 premiere (so jealous) and i cant wait for our jersey shore party! ill meeees you :)


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