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About me.
Likes: those romantic rainy days, giraffes, horseback riding, jasmine, archery, tennis, the sound of a cool breeze rushing through the trees, harry potter, rolling down grassy slopes, charlieissocoollike, the fresh smell of mountain air, gazebos, sneaking small feasts into the movie theaters, Perry the Platypus, Greek mythology, Mario, Dr Seuss, fish, red, Pokemon, mimes, magic, astronomy, OM, Percy Jackson, rice, talking like the Elizabethan writers, Grand Canyon, Jamaican, Mickey Mouse, Home Alone, MysteryGuitarMan, looking into people's eyes, God, the Quakers' idea of “living silence,” Hakuna Matata, I make a point of being astoundingly below average in every way, the reason for this is so that the average will drop substantially allowing more people to consider themselves above it, The Wizard of Oz, icicles, downloading fonts, karma, secluded cottages, Raven Symone, those hilarious Texas and New Jersey stereotypes, yellow, Glozell, Ian Harding, My self-esteem leaves a lot to be desired, but yours probably would too if you had to be me, Patrick Star, I am the poster child for doing it wrong, when my heart compresses since you smile, the moon, My hobbies include thinking I'm cooler than you, when really I'm not, cheesecake, alien believers, eclipses, cognitive neuroscience, chivalry, how memory works, mustaches, watermelons, Jello, the Amish folks, Disney, passionate hippies, philosophy, Toy Story 3, ekm, learning what motivates people, black, bananas, Avatar, Pretty Little Liars, bananas, Terminators, Bill Cosby, Baked Ziti, psychology, clocks, earrings, Kuchipudi, smiles, crayola, the study of dreams, Latin, Appa and Momo, that awesome feeling when you beat your alarm clock, titanic, the sixties, Ellen, Google, spicy food, photography, how the human brain functions, vegetarians, socks, the feeling of accomplishment that comes from making instant noodles and calling it cooking, Megamind, a good night's sleep, and you :)

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i, among others, think it's funny to conform a meme to a certain situation. it's clever.

well they say everyone has a doppleganger and even i am allowed to have one

Especially up North! Ex: Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, Colorado. They're the worst. I was born and raised in....(drumroll) Waco! The least major city in Texas.

Yessir! Born and Raised. I'm not redneck or country, but I take pride in my state. And sorry to hear that :/ Damn yank haha.

I hate Texas stereotypes -_-

Do you find it pleasant, to wear 3D glasses, and pop the lenses out?

My favourite is While My Guitar Gently Weeps, with Something, Across the Universe and Yesterday rounding out the list. My favourite album of theirs is Rubber Soul. What about your favourites? Not just Beatles but everything...planets, birds, cartoons. Your choice.

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