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About me.
I feel like I JUST updated this, but maybe I should redo it now that I'm in a better mood.
Hay. I'm Reagan. I was named after President Ronald Reagan, and definitely proud of it.
I'm mostly Italian, and I love it.
I have 5 cats :P Cadamie, Crash, Sissy, Gigi, and Milo :)
My all time favorite band is...... Panic! at the disco
Second favorite is The Killers, and third is Aerosmith :D
I like any kind of rock. Everything from deathmetal to soft rock. But most of what I listen to is alternative, screamo, etc.
I LOVE to express my personality through what I wear. None of my friends dress like I do because they're too afraid of what people think. Honestly, it's more fun this way.
I'm definitely a musician. Flute, guitar, bass, piccolo, drums, singing. (I'm in Lawrence Children's Choir. Check us out :D)
I'm also an artist. I have my own style of drawing. Manga is fun, so is abstract.
I write poetry. Hey, I'm not the best out there, but I try. :]
I attend a private school, but it is probably THE most ghetto private school on the earth. Eh, I learn stuff :P
I like cashews. Nevershoutnever. All time low. Bring Me The Horizon.
Oh goodness. I forgot to mention that I'm in a band. We are Contents Under Pressure :D (we're just starting.. so..) I'm the bassist and lead vocals.
I think I covered just about everything that makes up my everyday life.. Yup. all done.

I like to talk, but I'm kinda shy at first. So I'd be rather pleased if you'd be the one who said "Hi" first :D


No, I was really surprised. (d)

Your last message was on September 30. Wow.

Hey sosokat, your new picture is pretty much the coolest ever.

Your pic is really pretty lol

I have bloody project to submit tomorrrow.. having the data of 14 years and each year containg 7 variables for the industry containing 132 companies.. means i have to analyze 14*7*132 entries ... 12936 be specific...
And the beat thing is that, i have just started... hahaha. But it will be manged... Time

Yup, i love procrastinating... and work done at last moment is always better than done ages ago.. lol
Moreover, You learn how to handle the stress level.

Okk.. thats good.. And about me, I'm Upto nothing...except the 2 presentations and a project submission in the coming week.. lol... I love working at the last moment, it increases the excitement level.. hahah.. lol ;)

aww. that's sad...

Hello President ;) , It's Manish!! and what were you doing in the car for 3 days ??? ;)

Hi Sweety.. How are you. And What's your name?

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