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About me.
If you're reading this, you should know that my name is Ben.
My birthday is on June 29th and I fully expect presents.
I'm not gonna make this a list of music and quotes that represent me; I can speak for myself.
Those of you who had a great taste in music and used to be in here, I'm sorry.
I'm still trying to get my life on track and toward college, we'll see how that goes.
I love my girlfriend Rachel. A lot. A lot a lot.

I'm a liberal.
I am ___.
I am pro equal rights.

Tim McIlrath comes as close to a god as anyone there is.

People here are cool, but people on formspring are the ultimate cool.

Will is a big Justin Bieber fan.
Daniel loves the Steelers.
Chris is a total nut.
Conor knows that American football is better.
Bubsy is a little chump.
Ben got banned lolol.
Rachel is amazing and the love of my life.

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What's up Ben! I'm doing pretty good.

Did you graduate hs and arrive at college with a bang since we last talked?

When I saw your picture, I thought you looked like my brother's friend Ben. I was thinking that it was him and he dyed his hair a lighter colour. When I scrolled down and saw that your name was Ben, I freaked out. Then I saw that you're not from Canada and realized you are not the Ben that I know. Just thought I'd let you know because it was a little freaky!

Oh yeah, it did mention the Broncos! Lol. I should've remembered that since I'm from Colorado...

And cool. So your school is one of those weird ones that have finals in January? I'd never heard of that until I met a bunch of people on here who have that lolz. And yay congrats. Is your second semester gonna be easier than your first? I think I only had like 3 classes second semester senior year, it was sweet lol. Are you finished applying to colleges?

And my year's been pretty good. But I only got a 3.0 last semester and I want a 3.4 overall by the end of the it's time to crack down lol

Omg Ben hi long time no see.

And lol that sucks. The post just said "The Steelers fail at life, the *insert team name that I can't remember* are so much better." The post already had a negative score if it's any consolation.

How's your year going?

Hey Ben, I found a post for you to NW

Thanks big guy

Love the username andYou seem cool just thought u should know! :D

Hey Steeler. Excited for the NFL's return?

Yay, awesome Ben! Imma start listening to this today

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