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About me.
I'm Isabella. I like Psych, The Killers, and Franz Ferdinand more than most things and people. I love to read and write, even though I suck at writing and if it were possible to suck at reading I probably would suck at that, too. Shawn Spencer is my spirit animal and I admire Brandon Flowers, Alex Kapranos, and Nick McCarthy very, very much.

stoneonthewater's Top 3


I thought you might've. I went to YouTube to listen to the songs after I read that and everyone was talking about it in the comments and I was like, "WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS EARLIER."

I KNOW. So exciting! I think it's called "Battle Born." And there's supposed to be a seven minute long song, iirc.

WARNING: I am about to blow your mind forever.
When they were first written, the songs "Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf," "Midnight Show," and "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine" were meant to go together as a series of songs called the "Murder Trilogy."

I just read that and I remember we had a conversation once about how it was weird he knew a Jennifer and a Jenny. THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON THOUGH.

My life will never be the same.

P.S. It is bugging me that I never answered your question about Cage. It's Aberdeen.

Haha thanks :) Ikr! It's my favorite :P

I bet you one Internet that it'll change before the next Killers album comes out.
That doesn't include Ronnie's.

Jkjk, that's not even a joking matter. Cage the Elephant ftw. They're almost as good as that one Rebecca Black girl.

I have a twisted sense of humor, don't I?

leave the bourbon on the water & uncle johnny, you?

Okay, Isabella. So earlier today, I homepage'd one of your posts, and saw that your name was AmiwrongorAmirite with the Brandon Flowers picture. And I freaked out because it was an obvious reference. And I go to your bio, thinking I've found a new friend, but then I saw it was just you.

Later, I'm just quickly scrolling through the homepage and I see the name "stoneonthewater" with a different Brandon Flowers picture. So I freak out and click the username and it's you. Again.


P.S. Apparently when you change your username, you ninja-fy our old convos, because when I click the "Your Conversation With..." button, it brings up nothing.

P.P.S. You like Cage the Elephant too?! ZOMG.

i, also think the killers are fucking awesome.

Three isn't a notification bomb. Plus I don't mind at all, quite the contrary actually =)
Love as many as you'd like (hello)

You've loved a few of my comments... Thanks (yum)

I read Audrey, Wait!
It was good.
And yes, I'm stalking your about me because you favorited my post.

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