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About me.
I'm a total Harry Potter nerd, and proud of it! :D My favorite character is Hermione and I'm a HUGE fan of AVPM and AVPS.

I also love Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, and The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel series.

I'm a big fan of charlieissocoollike, nermion, nanalew, meekakitty, vlogbrothers, and juicystar07 on Youtube.

Favorite food: white rice
Favorite color: red
Favorite clothing brand: levi's and PeopleTree
Favorite chocolate brand: Lindt
Favorite pastime: reading
Favorite subject: science
Favorite scents: vanilla, cookies, new books, mint
Deathly afraid of: bugs, something happening to my teeth, failing grades
Pick-me-up song: Hedwig's Theme
Dream job: bestselling tween/children's author or maybe a screenwriter
I hate: pointless, plot-less, teen "novels"; people interrupting me
I can't do: running, origami
Major flaws: impatience and extreme competitiveness
Favorite running TV show: Doctor Who
Ideal pet: dragon (or maybe a Pikachu)
Weird fact: I've received my first dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Please comment! (But be nice!)


I love reading as well! What are your favourite books?

you like Lindt! I love Lindt, especially the dark chocolate!

How have I not discovered you before now? I feel a strong urge to click the "add as friend" button...the temptation, it's killing me... I can't hold back for much longer!...*click*...GAAH! That was torture.

Haha yayz :) and yes, yes you must. Eet eez awesomez.

Is your pic Arnold? :)

thank you :)

Thank You(:

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