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About me.
-i love twilight and edward cullen
- i play violin and use to play bass guitar
-i have a Westie as a pet
-my fav food is potatoes

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Just saying again, Edward is NOT a vampire. Vampires CANNOT go out in sun light, or they turn to dust.

And Jacob is not a werewolf, because he is a shapeshifter. Werewolves are completely normal, but at the full moon, they turn into man-eating, don't know who their friends are, monsters.

Team Jasper. :D

Twilight: a sparkly vampire with canola-oil textured hair who sparkles in the sun (thus making him not a vampire, since he doesn't die) and watches young girls while they sleep. Also, a shapeshifter who dares to call "him"self a werewolf (NEWSFLASH: werewolves are wolves at full moon, not whenever they want), who keeps buying fly-away shirts. Then, you have the awkward, depressed, weak, kisses-the-ground-her-love-walks-on girl who has to choose between the two, and when the one she chooses leaves her, she throws herself off a cliff. And to top it off, it's written by a woman with no writing skills whatsoever, who probably used a thesaurus to find all those "big" words she uses, none of which, I'm guessing, she knows the exact meaning of. Now, I could go into detail, but the 2 days I spent reading 110 pages of the first Twilight book are days I really don't want to relive any longer than I have to. And with that, I bid you ado.

I hate twilight. it's just about a sparkly fairy, a guy who can't keep his shirt on, and a girl who can't make up her mind. what's so interesting about that?

Hey, haven't talked to you in a while.

hey helen havnt seen u in ages!!xx :P

Hey, what's up. Do you just pop up every once in a while?

Yours too *jizz*


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