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How come banks don't pay squat for interest on savings accounts any more?
What refreshes the Dream?
Brangelina. Bennifer. Tomkat. What would be a similar power couple name for you and your significant other?
Which common expression never made sense to you?
In your opinion, when all said and done...which is the MORE successful post, The post with 100 comments generated by 3 or 4 members, or a post with 50 comments generated by 20 or more members?
Make your own question using "Is there no escaping...
Would you say a well-groomed person has a better self-image than an oft-time slob?
What's a word you just can't get the hang of saying correctly?
Have you ever ridden in a limo, if so what was the occasion?
Do you often wonder if people really know the difference between telling the truth and knowing what a lie is
Can you sit around all day...doing pretty much nothing?
Hey Man.... what man?
How do you handle spoilsports?
What would life be like without imagination? One can only imagine.
Delaware proposal would allow children as young as 5 to choose their gender and race, as well as a "preferred name", without consulting or notifying parents.  This would also allow these students to use the bathrooms/locker rooms and join the sports teams of the gender with which they identify.  Your thoughts?
"Today, I am excited about........
Any advice you might secretly want to tell the ladies on The Bachelor?
David Hogg, the 17-year-old center of all gun knowledge want to talk about GUNS?
We had some wicked weather last night, power outage around 3  this morning, but the power was back on around 7 a.m.   But today it's sunny and cold.   What kind of weather are you experiencing now?
What one does outside of Amirite is none of anyone's business ...  Who one associates with outside of Amirite is none of anyone's business.
I can change my mind <strong>rite?</strong>
Everything you add to the truth subtracts from the truth.

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