American Politics

American politics (or American government) is an area of study within the academic discipline of political science. It is primarily, but not exclusively, studied by researchers in the United States. Along with comparative politics, international relations, and political theory, it is one of the four major fields of political science that are studied in American academic institutions


American Politics
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🌏 Maybe the real problem with the world is that those who have the power and influence to effect change think the world is fine the way it is. 🌏
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President Obama made his first TV appearance today since leaving office, and even though Trump has been dissing President Obama for months, trying to destroy all that he has accomplished, not once did he mention Trump.   President Obama has class, too bad we can't say the same about Trump.   Look at the difference in personalities.   Trump never smiles, always grumpy.
Hypothetical: Trump resigns as President, Clinton and Obama retire from politics and a new election begins. Who will be the next President?
Florida is Weird

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Downvote this if you don't like Steve Bannon!

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🐪 Look a fun political post for a change! Fed up with republicans and democrats you decide to start your own political party. What would it be called and what would make your party any different to the others? 🐪
The far left and right are not so different after all. Just what they want to force on you is the only difference.

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All 4 stimulus bills, under both Presidents Bush and Obama, were (supposedly) to be largely earmarked for improvement to the nations infrastructure (roadways, bridges, rail lines). Obviously, both of them lied. So, how can anyone possibly suggest that it is due to the budget cuts of President Trump that rail lines are discontinuing service in some areas and consequently people are losing their jobs?
🤔 Imagine facing so little adversity based on race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc, that your biggest obstacle in life is ice cream.  🤔
So, president Trump was invited and refused to throw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals game and there were baseball fans who protested the president. I've never heard of a president that has turned down a chance to throw out the first pitch to kick off the baseball season have you? Who do you side with here?
🛣 At what age do you think it is appropriate to tell a section of highway that it is adopted? 🛣
Let’s talk about all the good things Donald Trump did NOT do!! Uh-oh, that's a long list, I think the anti-Trumps are gonna cry....  SEE EXPLANATION
Will Michael Flynn wind up missing before he gets a chance to testify?
<b>Joe Biden should be President.</b> <em>Amirite?</em>

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☢️ It is sickening that talking human rights is NOW considered talking politics. ☢️
I'm waiting for someone to say Trudeau and the RCMP helped Obama WireTap Trump. Americans will never know the truth ....
🎭 I want my taxes to go toward providing ALL American Citizens same Healthcare Plan that Congress has. 🎭
🤒 GOP: How can we make Obamacare worse for poor people? 🤒
<b>In our lifetime...there will <em>never</em> be a female President.</b> <em>I don't know if I can forgive America for that.</em>

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There has been so many posts about how bad Trump is doing as President. Let's talk about Obama's destruction to America....... PLEASE read the DETAILED facts in the explanation box.

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