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Dogs, cats, lions, tigers, bears. You name it. If it's furry, scaley or just generally alive share your opinion about it here.


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Who wants to go for a swim/dip?in the vast vast vaaaaaaaasst Ocean.
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Wanna read WHY I do not care what  the Zombieleft says about ANYTHING?
Where do you hide your pet iguana when your landlord drops by...?
<b>What makes a cat think s/he can walk across a road?</b> <em>Whilst vehicles are screeching to a halt...</em>
Would you ever consider having your Beloved Pet Freeze dried ?
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Why are there always old posts on the main page of this site?  I read a question and plan to comment, only to check the date and find it is an old thread.
Do you have a pet hyena, like most of the normal people do?
If you were a <em>really</em> hot'd work it, too.

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Quiz: There are some unique superpowers in the animal kingdom, which one do you posses?
Why don't you want to live in a cabin deep in the woods?
After watching some of the helicopter stunts on YouTube, in wondering... How the hell I'm still alive? That shit looks dangerous, from the ground up.
How would you like to get drunk with Zonkey?
At any time in your life have you ever thought you had a phobia that was unique to you?
<b>Your life tastes mostly like chicken...<em>amirite?</em></b>

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<b>Should we prosecute pets more like we do people?</b> <em>Or should we prosecute people more like we do pets...</em>
🐶 Don't bark orders at me, you are not going to like how I respond... Unless you are one of my dogs in which case I'll pretty much do anything. <em>amirite?</em> 🐶
Do you think a horse knows that every time a human passes him on the road they always say "look, a horse."?
It's time for a cute baby animals post. Comment with an appropriate animated gif...

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On a lighter note...Do <em>you</em> still sleep with a teddy bear?  🐻
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