Delays are an English indie band formed in Southampton, consisting of brothers Greg and Aaron Gilbert, Colin Fox and Rowly. The band's sound combines guitar and synths and features Greg Gilbert's distinctive falsetto lead vocals. They have released four critically acclaimed albums to date, the first three of which made the Top 30 in the UK Albums Chart.


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Dennis Miller or Greg Gutfeld. Who's funnier?
How many screwdrivers do you normally use to scrape off the crap out of your pants? I use four. And not the liquid ones, those cause the problem in the first place, damn it.
Waiting makes me very anxious , comes from a time when my dad would say to me "wait until we get home" which meant I had to wait hours before I got a thrashing and I would shake the whole time just wishing he would get it over with. Can you relate as an an adult to this feeling ?
How do you handle a setback in life?
With the crazy stories coming from airlines, do you get hesitant about travelling?
Adolescence now ends at twenty-five
<b>Buy a t-shirt with The Road Less Travelled on it.  Everyone needs one.</b> <em>It sums up the days you can't be bothered saying: "I'm are you?"</em>

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When you are late, is it usually for the same thing?

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