A disease is an abnormal condition that affects the body of an organism. It is often construed as a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs. It may be caused by factors originally from an external source, such as infectious disease, or it may be caused by internal dysfunctions, such as autoimmune diseases. In humans, "disease" is often used more broadly to refer to any condition that causes pain, dysfunction, distress, social problems, or death to the person afflicted, or similar problems for those in contact with the person


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Why can't we formulate cost effective potent dosage forms for such neglected tropical diseases and distribute in those endemic areas.
Why don't more people know about non-communicable diseases?
Do you believe it's possible to recover from chronic illnesses deemed incurable?
Does anyone know of any up to date information, potential cures or help for Tinnitus sufferers?
What makes cancer cure so elusive?
Why is there such little conversation on neglected diseases?
Is it possible for a mass distributed telecommunications device to accurately diagnose illnesses?
Why doesn't natural selection eradicate disease ?
What would be the overall affect of trying to re-engineer the mosquito?
Can "mental illness" sometimes be a part of what a person is rather than illness?
Why can't we all get together and find a cure to all terminal diseases?
Can we control the emergence of zoonotic infectious disease?
What are the side effects to eradicating Polio? Is there a way we can put Polio to a good use?
Does disease eradication = genocide? Is there any room for people with disabilities in the future?
CIA has Severally Compromised the Eradication of Polio with their Actions.

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Government in the prevention of diseases should increase funding

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What is the best way to tackle the HIV/AIDS crisis?
Is happiness, a sign of mental illness, in modern America?
Is OBESITY a disease?
How to fight dengue?
Fines for hospitals that re-admit heart attack, heart failure, or pneumonia patients.

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Should we research and use embryonic stem cells to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s?
Re-engineering mosquitos to fight disease vs re-engineer humans to support disease

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