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If someone saw your personal bank records...they might be:
China's Social Credit system is downright Orwellian.  Did you ever think you would see this in your lifetime?  (More below, and more links in the comment section.)
Dad's Fault ?      <b>*     At dinner, Seth said to his father, “Dad, I got into trouble at school today and it’s all your fault.” “How’s that?” asked the master of the house. “Remember I asked you how much $500,000 was?” “Yeah, I remember.” “Well, a helluva lot ain’t the right answer.”     </b>*     Link:

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Nobody needs anyone. Just re-evaluate your circumstances. <em>amirite?</em>
Where's the Luggage?      <b>*     A woman goes to check in at an airport.  She goes up to the lady at the counter and says:  "I want you to send one bag to Miami, one to Los Angeles, and one to Minneapolis."  The ticket lady replies: "But we can't do that!"  The passenger says back: "But you did last time!"      </b>*     Link:
Where would you least like to stick your finger?
Describe your **** life, using just a film title....this is for fun only
<em>What was your biggest "I didn't think this through" moment?</em>
Remember When?
Did  you just throw everything away when you moved out of dorms?
ME TOO!! I was sexually harassed and abused by Underdog in 1964. He called me a ****!! Since it helped further my career by getting me exclusive news stories, I thought it was OK, but now I realize it was wrong.

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This is getting ridiculous now.

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⏰ When you stay up late, you wake up early, when you go to bed early, you oversleep and feel tired and cranky all day...the sardonic irony of time. <em>amirite?</em>
LOL <b>* "I’ll miss you, Great-Grandma," wrote my mother’s great-grandson in an e-mail he sent before shipping out to Iraq.  "I’ll miss you too, dear," she responded. "Stay safe. LOL, Great-Grandma."  Poor Mom didn’t realize that LOL doesn’t stand for "lots of love."  </b>* Link:
😈 Old people at weddings always poke me and say "You're next"..I was told it's not polite when I do the same to them at a funerals.  😈
Your views on Capital Punishment could be wrong. <strong>Amirite?</strong>

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Worrying: fantasising in the wrong direction.

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<em>What do you want to be when you grow up?</em>
Does a person need to have done something wrong before being hated?
Where do you hide your pet iguana when your landlord drops by...?
Are you struggling with temptation?
You made a mistake, but after some realise it turned out <em>genius. A pleasant surprise, amirite?</em>

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