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Ear worm of the day.
Quiz: What Famous Musician Were You in a Past Life?
Do you still listen to vinyl records?
Post a song with the word buzzcut in the title
A tribute to the greatest frontmen/women that left us too soon. Post songs in honor of these great artists.
Post a song with the word ribs in the title.
Post a song by a group with 'and the' in their name
I never was a fan of the term but here goes how about favorite hair metal band
Post a song with the word Monday in the title
Favorite lineup of motorhead this is mine Lemmy Fast Eddie Clarke Philthy Animal Taylor
Post a song with the word took in the title
Post a song with the name Harper in the title
Who was the better frontman for AC/DC
Favorite Canadian  rock band after rush
MTV retro 80's best Music Video's, with the original VJ, Nina Blackwood ... Post some original music video's from early MTV days.
Post a song from your teenage years you still avidly listen to.
Post a song with the word gimme in the title
Thanksgiving isn't always about turkeys... <em>amirite</em>?

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86% agree
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Your choice for your favorite of big four of thrash metal
The music of the cosmos.
This is getting ridiculous now.

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82% agree
18% disagree
Post a song by someone named Kevin
Favorite solo artist

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