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The Great Erase: 15 Forgotten Comic Book Characters
Thrilling heroes of yesteryear featured in bank's comic book collection
Swedish man in court for eating bacon
United Airlines refuse to let two young girls board a flight wearing skin tight "leggings" or yoga pants
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There Will Be Those Who Perish In The Next Crisis, And Those "Who Survive In Underground Luxury"
A Federal Court Just Ruled Cops Can Go to Wrong House, Kill Innocent Homeowner and Walk Free

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How many eggs have you laid today?
RFID chip found in victim
<b><em>Fortune</em> magazine has just listed it's 35 <em>Greatest Leaders of the World.</em></b> <em>Justin Trudeau is on the list.</em>

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A Year After Brussels Atrocity, Islam Strikes Again in London
Vince Foster exhumed
The United Kingdom has joined the U.S.
David Rockefeller  Dead
New York bar discriminates against Trump supporter

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More violence from illegals
<b>Every day you sleep in adds time to your life.</b>

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PLOT TWIST! The Troll is actually here to force Amirite to eliminate the allowing of anon/unregistered votes (what i call voter fraud)

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