Photography is the art, science and practice of creating durable images. Photography has many uses for business, science, manufacturing, art, and recreational purposes.


Find out your friends' opinions
Post your favorite breathtaking picture!
Any photographers here? check out this challenge
Examples of things being worn down
📸 Have you ever been embarrassed by something appearing in the background of one of your photos? 📸
If I put on a latex glove and snap it, that's just me flirting.
Your fingerprint can be stolen from your pictures
📸 Every picture tells a story. Amirite? 📸
What is your "People's Choice for Photograph of the year"?
Post your favorite graphic!
Are you any good at photoshopping?

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The video that will scare you into never taking another selfie again       https://youtu.be/EhAFyaObY6U
Did you ever get caught taking pictures at a rock concert?
Do you have a photograph of yourself in your bedroom?
<b>Ever catch an accidental glimpse of yourself in one of those side-angled mirrors?</b> <em> How do you react?</em>

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The Terrorists are coming...

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Why are photo negatives and x-rays never in color?
Man kidnapped for recording in his home
NYPD unconstitutional attacks

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